Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Nature's Co Tea Tree Hair Cream: Another excellent buy for troubled scalp and hair

These days I am trying to play more with my hair. No, I still don't heat style much except for blow dries and don't color my hair. ( I like my natural dark hair). But I do have oily scalp and it gets dandruff. rather, it used to have dandruff. I found some pretty amazing products. I had already reviewed Himalaya Herbals Anti Dandruff Hair oil and Anti dandruff cream which are highly effective. I wanted a leave in which would nourish my hair and scalp as well.

Photo and review of The Nature's Co Tea Tree Cream
The photo is blurry I know. But the cream is still effective. :D

Right at that moment, I came across The Nature's Co Tea Tree Hair Cream.I had tried their Anti Dandruff Hair Oil and honestly, I was highly pleased. ( I am planning to repurchase it once my current

Monday, July 28, 2014


By Simantini:
 Editor's Note:There are plenty of suggestions about what to wear and what makeup to wear at office. Well, that often confuses me because, there are plenty of professions and each profession has its own demands. But, most neglected of this kind of posts are the ones for teachers and professors. No, if you are living in the west, things are different. But here in India, there are preconceived notions about teachers. It’s a profession where you have to be very professional, but deal with your students and colleagues in an apparent friendly impersonal manner. No, there is no hypocrisy involved. You cannot have a robot for a teacher at the same time, an overtly friendly one often faces issues with establishing authority. And when you are dealing with 100 students in one class, it’s not a very easy job if you ask me.
Likewise, the attire and everything also has to be finely balanced between professional and casual. Simi, who has been teaching for more than a year by now, has perfect solution with her own regimen and suggestions. Over to you Simi.

 Gone are the days when becoming a teacher was almost synonymous to becoming a nun. Teachers weren’t then supposed to be wearing bright clothes or any makeup. Well, I am a teacher in one of the reputed schools of Kolkata, and here being presentable is given brownie points. So, here is a post on the things I use every day. Just some basic things for summer. They are almost completely different for the winter, though.

Makeup essentials for teachers
A small but the most effective kitty!

ORIFLAME SUN CARE PHOTOSTABLE SUN LOTION WITH SPF10 – The SPF isn’t much welcoming, but the again I don’t have to stay in the sun for more than 15minutes. And I need a tiny bit of

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Himalaya Herbals Night Cream still feels the same to me

Himalaya Herbals Night Cream  is a blast from my past and the good relation still continues. Then why the delay? I had started using night creams since I was eighteen. Yes.  I stay up late at night and I always wanted to give my skin something special. I had started with Garnier Night cream and then ventured into Himalaya when it started making it's appearance in the market.
Review of Himalaya Herbals Night Cream

The main reason I did not review this cream here is because I had written a review of this one for a website and I wanted to find out if down the years, my opinion still remain the same.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Of moonlight and hills, longwalks and pine and jasmine and happy memories...

I wanted to write a post about my dream perfume. But I never had an opportunity. Sometime ago, I saw that there was a contest going on from Godrej and incidentally the topic was perfect. This is an entry. But no, I don't have the eye on the prize. It's more about my memory and my perfume which I had always wanted to share.
Mahabeleshwar Maharasthra
This photo is from my Mahabaleshwar trip

When I was ten, we went holidaying at Ranikshet, Kaushani, Almora and Nainital. I was so young, but the memory of the trip still brings back the dreamy memory and yes, the memory is olfactory as well.

Before we took the trip, one day, my father was traveling in a local train. He bought an exotic roll on


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