Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Revlon Water Tight Mascara review, price.
One thing I am careful about these days is mascara. Ever since my eyes got sensitive and extremely dry,my lashes which used to be very thick, dense and long, has been falling off and has become thin. So, I am sticking to easily washable eye makeup and that is improving the situation marginally.
I needed a new mascara. I wanted to try something new and this is when I turned to Revlon. On learning that I was looking for a washable mascara, she handed me this. I got overzealous and bought two instead of one. I wouldn't say that was the wisest decision I ever made.

Revlon Water Tight Mascara
Revlon Water Tight Mascara

Each mascara comes for around Rs 550 I think.

My experience of Revlon Water Tight Mascara:

The packaging looks cheap. It's hard to believe that Revlon is selling these mascaras at not so cheap

Friday, September 23, 2016

My Envy Box has been constantly evolving. They have come a long way from including sachets and now I see such awesomeness in the boxes. Not that I love everything in every box, but still, if I were paying, I would be mostly happy with the products included. Moreover, I got introduced so many brands and I have become a loyal customer of those ( Kama Ayurveda, H2O, just to name two).

My Envy Box of September 2016
My Envy Box of September 2016

The August Box was great as well, but with travelling and everything, I am late, but for archival purpose, I would still post it. When I saw My Envy Box of September, my first reaction was, it looks

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Forest Essentials is a brand I have not had the chance to explore much. But well again, My Envy Box made that happen in one of their boxes. I was happy to find this body lotion especially because I love using body lotions and who doesn't like smelling nice?
Since this is a deluxe travel size of 50 ml, this was not too less to for an opinion and not too much for travel.
Forest Essentials Body Lotion with Burnt Sugar Mashobra Honey and Vanilla  review
Forest Essentials Body Lotion with Burnt Sugar Mashobra Honey and Vanilla 

200 ml for Rs 1,175

My experience of Forest Essentials Body Lotion with Burnt Sugar Mashobra Honey and


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