Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some like it HOT! I miss summer and detest winter. Here is why...

What I like about summer and why I miss it? And why do I dislike winter?

I seem to be going back to my old mode where I couldn't stop the chitchats. It's cold here in Calcutta. The mercury has dropped to 11 degree Celsius. This might throw you into a fit of laughter, but this is how cold it gets. For  Kolkata, it's cold. In order to say it's cold, I don't want to compare it to Antarctica where I don't live. But here are things I love about summers:

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A quick selfie on a hot summer day! ( And no makeup)

#1 I am warmer. I think there are people who tend to feel more cold and I am one of

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tell Me Your Skin Secret: 7 days 10 Winners. Pond's WB Giveaway

So, here is a giveaway by Pond's. Pond's has recently relaunched their White Beauty Cream. When I have been told about it, I was pretty uncomfortable with the 'white' tag. But. Pond's stresses on not 'whitening the skin', but lightening marks and blemishes thereby imparting clear skin.

What would you receive? A small hamper consisting of a WB Face Wash, Skin Cream and the mirror.

How many persons can win? Perfect 10! There would be 10 winners and each of them would receive a hamper.
What to do?

The rules are very simple. But mandatory.

1 You HAVE TO tell us a beauty secret/ habit you have which keeps your skin

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My acne and pimple story: How they made my life miserable

How acne and pimples undermined my confidence in my teenage years and how they tend to be a part of my life even today!

Along with some good genes, I have genetically inherited oily skin which is extremely acne and pimple prone and yes, both of my parents have passed it on to me. Anyway, it seems acne and pimples ruined my teenage years and continue to do so even now. How?

 Back in the last decade of the century,there were no face washes. Once I reached teenage years, huge hillocks of pimples would push their heads and pop! There it would be, an angry looking breakout.

Back in those days, I had no idea of how to take care of my skin and as kids, would be out in the midday sun playing ( in school of course). To sum up, oily pimple prone skinned girl, out in the summer sun and no skincare products in the market... can you imagine?

Making matters worse, I had cystic acne.

Coming to social life. I fail to understand if pimples are uncommon; else, why do

Dark circles and I: How do I deal with my Dark circles?

How do I deal with Dark Circles? What solutions did I find for dark circles? What I would I suggest doing?

Not quite recently, a friend asked me on facebook for some help. She eats well, sleeps well, and is zen about life. Yet, she has dark circles. What to do?

I have myself been battling with those and honestly, I have barely managed to tackle them. Nevertheless, let me begin with my own conclusions. After frantic searches, I concluded, dark circles can be caused by
1 Stress
2 Sleeplessness.
3 Broken capillaries
4 Internal health problems.
5 Gene

I suffer from 2 and have been suffering from 4. But since our friend has already eliminated 1 and 2, let's move on to 3,4, and 5. ( yes, I am fond of that Oxford comma).

For 3, I suggest, don't rub your eyes. For 4, are you sure you don't feel tired, have no

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