Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And the winners of PWB contest are...

I know this took me a little bit longer than I wanted it to be. But, let's celebrate at the moment. The winners are, in or definitely order,
  1. Kavita
  2. Saachi Garg
  3. Ekta
  4. Pranathi
  5. Nishat
  6. Tarry
  7. Bhawnachirps
  8. Neha Mishra 
  9. Bhawani Sekar
  10. revathy Sweety

Congratulation to all the winners and thank you all the ladies who participated and made this giveaway a success.

Note to the Winners: Please mail me at niveditared(at) your

Monday, January 26, 2015

Luscious I Love Eyeshadow Palette Glam Night made me fall in Love with Eye makeup again!

Luscious I love Eyeshadow Glam Night Palette: Photo, swatches, Review, Price, availability|: discount coupon.

Lately, I have been sent a couple of products by to try out their latest brand in stock which is Luscious. I got a Luscious Glam Night Palette.

Luscious I love Eyeshadow Glam Night Palette
Luscious I love Eyeshadow Glam Night Palette: Cute! Isn't it?

Honestly, since I have not heard much about the brand, I had no idea about what to expect. When it arrived, I loved the flirty packaging. It had an outer transparent cover.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Some like it HOT! I miss summer and detest winter. Here is why...

What I like about summer and why I miss it? And why do I dislike winter?

I seem to be going back to my old mode where I couldn't stop the chitchats. It's cold here in Calcutta. The mercury has dropped to 11 degree Celsius. This might throw you into a fit of laughter, but this is how cold it gets. For  Kolkata, it's cold. In order to say it's cold, I don't want to compare it to Antarctica where I don't live. But here are things I love about summers:

Nivedita Beauty At Times is Skin Deep| Kolkata Blogger| Kolkata Beauty blogger
A quick selfie on a hot summer day! ( And no makeup)

#1 I am warmer. I think there are people who tend to feel more cold and I am one of

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tell Me Your Skin Secret: 7 days 10 Winners. Pond's WB Giveaway

So, here is a giveaway by Pond's. Pond's has recently relaunched their White Beauty Cream. When I have been told about it, I was pretty uncomfortable with the 'white' tag. But. Pond's stresses on not 'whitening the skin', but lightening marks and blemishes thereby imparting clear skin.

What would you receive? A small hamper consisting of a WB Face Wash, Skin Cream and the mirror.

How many persons can win? Perfect 10! There would be 10 winners and each of them would receive a hamper.
What to do?

The rules are very simple. But mandatory.

1 You HAVE TO tell us a beauty secret/ habit you have which keeps your skin

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