Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back into the Eyes: Intense eyes for the day time; EOTD, LOTS

So, I have been a lazy bum for a long time. ( This is almost becoming my catch line). I suddenly realized that it has been days that I have done an eye makeup look.

Easy eye makeup look with Bh Cosmetics Day and Night Palette

I was quickly getting ready the other day. I am trying to rotate my makeup products since I hate it when they sit around. So, I pulled out my BH Cosmetics Day and Night Palette ( review link below) and started working with it. I did not want to go too colorful, but yet, I was in the mood for something intense. This is what I came up with.
Smokey copper eye makeup

This makeup look did not take me more than 7 minutes ( I think).
Smokey copper Eye makeup for day time

And I loved it.
Makeup look with Bh Comsetics Day and Night Palette

This is just to give you an idea.
Bh Cosmetics Day and Night Palette Look

I find to extremely difficult to do selfies and no matter what, my face tends to do look distorted or too chubby than what it is.

I was too tempted by the cranberry color. Still, I did not want to go too colorful as I said. So, I darkened it up a bit with the brownish gorgeous color next to it.

The products were not numerous either. Here is what I used.

Makeup look using BH Cosmetics Day and Night Palette

Inglot Eye shadow Base.
BH Cosmetics Day and Night Palette.
NYX JUmbo Eye Pencil ( I think mine is French Fries).
Bourjois Cosmetics Khol and Contout Eye liner Pencil.
L'Oreal  Kajal magique.
Lakme Ikonic Mascara.

Sorry, I forgot to include the brushes. 4 brushes did the trick. But you cn bring

it down further to three.

In case you want, I can do a quick intruction on how to achieve this look.

What do you think of this?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face pack: Modest but deadly

Yes, that was a tacky title for a product I have been using for more almost two years by now. I had bought a sachet of this  VLCC Clear tan Fruit Face Pack pack in order to remove my tan. But, I rather found a gem. After the sachets got used up, I went ahead and on finding this on a BOGO offer, I had to buy. How could I not?
Review of VLCC Anti Tan Face Pack
VLCC Anti Tan Face Pack: Modest but deadly

My Experience: (This part covers all the pros as well.)

It's a normal creamy clay based pack ( and contains some other ingredients). It's very smooth and goes

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Khadi Anti-Pimple Face Pack: Does it clean up the skin?

Khadi is a brand towards which I am , I admit partial. Yes, it's the brand of the Government of India. I feel by using Khadi, I am supporting the cottage industry and it's so indigenious! In fact, in hot summers, I prefer wearing only the cotton fabrics from Khadi. Anyway, ramblings apart, I started trying out Khadi products for sometime. In Kolkata, the Khadi consumable goods are not abundant.

Khadi Anti Pimple Face Pack for oily skin
Not the best image I know. But still works.

Still, they are pretty much available. I had reviewed the Jasmine Moisturizer here and the Rose Moisturizer here. It's turn for the anti pimple pack now.

Streetwear Color Riche haul and first impressions: Express Reviews

I have been hauling a bit. I have also been trying very hard to resist. But seems like I am not very determined on sealing up my purse and at the slightest chance I cave in.
I had seen the new launches from Streetwear and had been looking in other direction. But nah, I guess the abstinencewas getting too much. I got two lipsticks, one foundation and a lipgloss. I decided to let the Kajal go because it did not seem very impressive. Who knows, I might just pick it up on a mere whim again.
The new range of Streetwear Cosmetics
You do want them all. Don't you?

I haven't had the chance to use these too much. But I wanted to share my first impressions before I do the full fledged reviews.

Foundation: It's lightweight, but moisturizing. The color Beige suited my NC41-42 well. It does not do


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