Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Photo and review of ELLE 18 COLOR POP MATTE LIPSTICK SELFIE RED  by Simantini

It takes a bold heart (here, purse) to brave the red! Or that’s what we have heard till now. The usual matte red lipsticks have been from the brands which do not sell lipsticks for the regular college going girl, or someone who would probably like to try something more reasonable the first time she tries red. They are the expensive ones. Not to worry! Elle 18, the college girl’s eternal favourite brand, has come up with their matte series, and the first colour that caught my fancy was their bright red named SELFIE RED.
Elle 18 Pop Matte Lipstick Selfie Red
Elle 18 Pop Matte Lipstick Selfie Red

PACKAGING – The regular plastic case that was there for the Color Pop lipstick, has been continued with the matte range as well. Only the word matte has been added on it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Biotique Bio Almond Eye Cream review, price.

One thing I have learned that you cannot really get rid of under eye circles, but moisturizing the area might help. Although my entire face is oily, my under eye area is very dry. So, I try keeping the area very moisturized. BUT, using products too rich gives me milia. So, I always try using eye creams.

Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye Cream
Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye Cream

Long time ago I had reviewed the Biotique Bio Almond Eye Cream. Back then I simply hated it. It was too dense, non-hydrating and above all gave me milia. Most of the Biotique products I tried back then did not work and I chose to ignore the brand.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Body Shop is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary of the Tea Tree Oil. As they claim, the essential oils are sourced from a Kenyan Organic Farming community which includes 550 families and creates a sustainable economy for them. However, the reason I am reviewing this oil is because I NEEDED it. As I am desperately trying to battle the acne and the horrible break outs. I have already reviewed the Tea Tree Anti-Blemish Solution here.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Price: Rs 695 for 10 ml. P 795 for 10 ml.

( I think this Za face wash might be one of the culprits because every time I use it, I see a new zit popping out. I hate to throw away things, so, I might have to consider using it as a body wash and


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