Wednesday, October 22, 2014

With Maybelline InstaGlam Box, shine Brighter than the fireworks in Diwali

 When you are reading this post, I am perched up at Rishyap, a beautiful tiny town in the Himalayas. But I would like to present the Maybelline InstaGlam Box. Diwali is here and in case you are baffled, reach out for one of the InstaGlam Boxes.

Maybelline InstaGlam Box Pink
Maybelline InstaGlam Box Pink

There are three variants with assorted products, which are perfectly coordinated to create quite a few looks. Moreover, it's a value box. Shall tell you why.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Unboxing My Envy Box of October

October is here. By now, I realize, no matter how I complain, I am looking forward to My Envy Boxes. They have become a box of surprises for me. Since this time, the box was celebrating it's Anniversary, it was supposed to go bigger. And yes, bigger did it get ( not in size of course!).
My Envy Box of October
The contents of My Envy Box
The box has got cuter; but apart from being cuter, it has got gorgeous as well! The

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Body Shop Gift Boxes for him and her, eye candies and etc

In my last visit to The Body Shop Store, I found the brand was all geared up for Diwali. They have come out with discounts and also gift boxes which I think makes it easier to choose. ( I am sure guys would find shopping much easier). So, here are a few boxes I happened to shoot. Excuse some blurry ones.

The Body Shop Store Kolkata
The Body Shop Store
The Satsuma Box caught my special attention because I love that line! The Body

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Body Shop Brush on Radiance Sunlight Pearls ( Perles Iridescentes Corail) is making my days more radiant!

Pearls have a strange attraction. They call out to me. But, I prefer pearly things in my cosmetics products. I had seen the Guerlain products and have always wanted those meteorites. But on learning those are  more of hypes, I started looking elsewhere for something to satiate my yearning.

The Body Shop  Brush on Radiance  Sunlight Pearls ( Perles Iridescentes Corail)
The Body Shop  Brush on Radiance  Sunlight Pearls ( Perles Iridescentes Corail)

Here comes The Body Shop with it's mega sale and BAM!  I located The Body Shop

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