My 200 followers Giveaway!!

Dear friends,
I wanted to thank you all for making my last giveaway such a success. The most wonderful part is, many people joined my blog even though they were not entering it. It gave me much confidence to me about Beauty at times is skin deep.
I would like to thank you all for following me and interacting with me. ( I love to have your opinion and listen to everything that you say. That's the reason you would notice, even if I am late, I try my best to respond to all of your comments)

This time I would like to hold a small giveaway. This is not a sponsored one and due to shipping restrictions I can not send you the nail paints and lip glosses I wanted to add.
I had a few things in doubles like a Lakme Satin Kajal ( I got as a gift but never used it since I already have one), and Avon lip balm and I am also adding KKcenterhk eye lash in ES 133. It has 10 pairs of lashes. I had used one set and have removed it, the rest is untouched. I am personally against giving swatched or used products ( I'm not being judgmental to anybody. At first I thought only giving away the lashes which I don't use. Then I thought if I have got things in doubles, it would be interesting to add them in. So here is my little giveaway

1) KKcenterhk lashes ES A133 ( 9 pairs untouched)
2) Lakme Satin Kajal ( new)
3) Avon Lip Balm ( new)

Now the rules:

This is a national giveaway only Meaning residents of India can only participate. If you  are an international follower, do not despair. There would be more giveaways coming up

Mandatory rules
1) You have to follow me through GFC ( 3 entries)

If you do not have a blog, even then, you can enter.

Extra entries:
1) Do a blog post about it on your blog with the first image and linking it back to me (3 entries)
2) Place this on your sidebar ( 2 entries)
3) Follow me on Twitter here  ( 1 entry)
4) Tweet this on twitter:  Enter Nivedita'a giveaway   ( 1 entry)
5) Like my page on facebook here or by the option you have in my sidebar, ( 1 entry)
6) Follow me through Networked blogs ( 1 entry)

So maximum you can get 12 entries.

Leave comments in the comments section telling your entries and your email id so that I can contact you.The giveaway begins on 10th July.
The giveaway ends on September 30th, 2011 ( No mistake this time),
Hope you like my giveaway and please  spread the message around.


  1. Congratulations on your 200+ followers.Love your reviews. Awww! I`m right next door but not eligible for this giveaway lol (kidding!)have a great day.

  2. Woohooo 200 followers!! Congrats Nivedita!! :)

    Would enter later :)

  3. Congrats Nivedita! Can't wait to participate.

  4. finally..yayy! will b entering soon :))

  5. congratulations nivedita..... :)
    way to go.... :)

  6. congrats on 200 followers!! and another giveaway!! great..
    btw, aar ekta post korechhi :)

  7. Congratulations on your 200+ followers:
    1.Following on GFC
    2.Liked on Facebook- Name Sudhaa Gopinath
    3.Following on Twitter -Id:sudhaag17
    4.Tweeted about give-away:!/Sudhaag17/status/90019444323127296
    5.Following on Networked Blogs.
    6.Placed image of give0way in blog:
    7. Posted about give-away in my blog

  8. Hi Nivedita!

    Enter me

    GFC: Rajeswari Sailesh
    Added to sidebar in blog:
    Blog Post:

  9. Congrats Nivedita :) way to go :)

  10. 1. Following you through GFC
    2. Did a blog post:
    3. Placed it on sidebar
    4. Liked your fb page

  11. enter me
    GFC: megha

  12. congrats gal :)
    I would love to enter..
    following u alrdy thru GFC-bhumika
    follow u on twitter-bhumika_t
    n like ur facebook page :)

  13. Hey gave you award..

    Thanks for your support and encouragement for my blog :)

  14. Hey I have left you an award at my blog. Do check it out:

  15. Happppyyyy birthday Nivedita!!!:* :D will enter this in sometime!:P

  16. hey Nivedita happy bday :) gave u an award :) chk

  17. Happy Birthday Nivedita!!

    Enter me !

    GFC: Pooja_G



    Liked FB page: Pooja Ganguly

    Foolowing through networked blogs: Pooja Ganguly

    Total: 6 entries!

  18. Enter me dear :)

    Already following u thru GFC - Rekha

    email -

    Following u on Twitter and tweeted here!/placidstream/status/91202913082421248

    Blog post -

    Blog sidebar -

  19. Thanks for the lovely giveaway:

    Pretty please enter me

    Following you via:

    GFC: Meg

    Networked blogs: on facebook Megha Mehtab

    Twitter: @MegMehP



    Blog Sidebar (don't have a sidebar see it down below at my blog front page):

    Facebook: Megha Mehtab (

    email : megmehtab(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks a ton!



  20. Hey! Congrats on the giveaway..

    I follow you through GFC,
    on twitter via Theaselene
    Tweeted here:!/TheaSelene/status/94210192488669185
    Also like yr FB page :)

  21. congrats on the giveaway!
    I have liked u on facebook.
    following u thru gfc.
    followed and tweeted on twitter :)

  22. oh ya my mail id is

  23. Congratulations on your 200+ followers:
    1.Following on GFC
    2.Liked on Facebook- Name Moupriya Das
    3.Following on Twitter -Id:moupriya1
    4.Tweeted about give-away:!/moupriya1/status/94470891890671616
    5.Following on Networked Blogs.
    6.Placed image of giveaway in blog:
    7. Posted about give-away in my blog

  24. Hi!
    GFC: Katarina
    FB: Katarina Katavić

  25. Hi :)
    I'm taking my chance ;)
    GFC: peniam
    email: mpeczka at gmail dot com
    Twitter: @Peniamm
    FB: Monika Plewa
    Thank you sweety!!

  26. Please enter me.
    GFC - Prachi

  27. GFC-Shweta
    Liked ur FB page:
    Shweta Myrandomthoughts
    Tweeted and followed :RandomSj
    And posted in d side bar of my blog:

  28. Following you on gfc and networked blogs, and I've liked your fb page.


  29. same name for all, and obviously I've forgotten to put in my email id :P

  30. Congratulations Nivedita on 200.Wishing you loads of followers in the coming months.
    I would love to win these goodies so enter me
    i'm already following you via GFC.
    My mail id is:

  31. enter me! yeppi!
    gfc name: kuheli
    facebook name: kuheli das
    blog post link:

    blog sidebar link:

    twitter name: @obsessive73
    twitter link:!/obsessive73/status/100681565364957184

    networkedblog name: kuheli das

    so did all the entries. hope i win. :P

  32. Congratulations, Nivedita.
    Even my daughter's name is Niveditha. She is 6 years old and is fond of makeup already :)

    Following you on GFC: Meera Viswanathan

    email id:

  33. Hi Nivedita, please enter me! Really glad you extended the duration; I'd completely forgotten.

    GFC Name: Poohkie's Place
    Blog sidebar link:
    Facebook name: Poohkies Place
    Networkedblog name: Poohkies Place

  34. i'm entering now...:D
    added on sidebar
    follow on twitter & tweeted on twitter
    like on fb
    follow on networked blog
    will do a blogpost soon :)

    wish me luck..i want dose lashes!

  35. Hi,
    Please enter me.
    1)GFC:manasvini sridharan
    2)Following you on twitter via sktribal

  36. GFC follower: Swati

    Twitter: jewels_of_india


    Facebook: Noble Be Eyotch

    Networked blogs: Noble Be Eyotch

    Email: swatir.24 @ gmail dot com

    Congrats on 200 followers and thanks for the giveaway!

  37. name:sunaa

    blog post:


    mail id:

  38. congrats!!
    wish u more to go!!

  39. Lovely blog.. I am not a beauty freak .. but wanted to check out some blush on ideas and landed here ..

    Did the follwing :)

    3) Follow me on Twitter here ( 1 entry)
    my id @poorvibird
    4) Tweet this on twitter: Enter Nivedita'a giveaway ( 1 entry)!/poorvibird/status/116930383563591681

    5) Like my page on facebook here or by the option you have in my sidebar, ( 1 entry)

    6) Follow me through Networked blogs ( 1 entry)

    I subscribed via email.. like that better :)

  40. 1)gfc follower: tanyacantrell2 (3 entries)

    2liked u on fb:tanyacantrell (1 entry)

    3) email:


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