My Pujo Haul 2

Now, I went a bit mad with the camera and started clicking the clothes. Here is my second clothing haul. Tw of these were gift's from 'his' parents. Let me start with them

 A floral top . it looked unimpressive at forst. but when I tried it on ( reluctantly), I was delited. It made me look wonderfully fresh. I so loved the effect of the bright colors that the next kurti also ended up in my shopping bag

Both of these are from Shopper's stop. I did not find a matching legging. So, I bought this one later

Next, I got two kurtis tailored

 This is made from tussar silk. The material was also gifted by 'his' mum :P

ok, don;t be appalled. This is not at all shiny. The silk material with the tiny satin thread works showed up like this by flash. The fabric actually looks like this

What happens when beauty bloggers meet?
The answer is not difficult to guess. We do shopping! I ang Kuheli from Shadows and Sequins had gone shopping before the Puja. She is the most amazing person around. I was fascinated by her simplicity. And her salwar suits!! They are soo pretty!! We bought quite a few things and I got these

 I wore it with jeans. But it flatters my huge long bohemian style  white long skirt.

This one was selected by Kuheli esp for me :)

 A real Katki Kurti.
I got too many gifts in cash and in kind. But I'd be doing another clothing haul I made from a store.

Which one(s) do you like the most?
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