Lacto Calamine Classic

Lactocalamine Classic
They call it skinsurance. Yes, the age old lacto calamine. This potion has been around for centuries. Well, that does not mean the same brand. It was used for various curative purposes until it was declared by US Food and Drug Corporation ( I think) to have no relevant truth. but then. 10 years laters they amended it and it has been used for mild skin infections, poison ivy, etc. Women swear by it as a cure to acne and zits, to even out the skin tone etc.

FYI: Zince Oxide is chemically called calamine and this is a natural sunscreen
Coming back to it, I have always had this lotion for the six or seven years. Since my skin is acne prone and is prone to break outs, when nothing else works for me I turn to this lotion.

Price: 120 ml for 72 INR. Smaller variants are also available

Whatever it claims

I don't want to digress so I'm just getting down to the positives and the negatives


1) It is a natural sunscreen.
2) it is very mild and would suit all skin types. there are also variants for other skin types as well.
3) It doesn't break out, rather helps to dry out the acne.
4) Good for mild skin infections.
5) it freshens up the skin in a jiffy.
6) Can be used even at night.
7) Used for long, the skin looks bright.
8) Since it's a bit ummm.. feels like dry powder suspended in liquid, if you massage your face regularly with this, it would lightly remove the dry flakes.
9) if you skin is in a condition where you are scared of putting on anything else, this would be your staple.
10) Cheap.
11) Works as a good makeup base


1) it feels a bit dry initially.
2) My skin feels a bit oily after an hour or two. but not oily in the way that would cause discomfort or breakouts.
3) The calamine has the tendency to precipitate.
4) the last bits are difficult to take out.
5) Leaves whitish cast on dark skin

Ever since I came back, my skin is going through a bad phase. it has broken out badly. Worse, I accidentally scratched a few acne and now I have got an infection. I have it in control with medication and I am using calamine. Looks like it's getting a bit better

Have you tried this?