Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact Powder

Hi ladies, sorry that I haven't been posting that frequently. The reason is that I am not getting sufficient day light again so clicking the photos is a bit difficult.

Anyway, with winter setting in, and my terrible skin breakouts, I have not been using much of skincare products. But still, I need a bit of compact which again must not be drying for my skin and I felt that Lakme Perfect Radiance powder would be something ideal. I had bought this in summer. but on my oily skin I found, although it has an amazing texture, it is not sufficient to absorb the oil. So, this is the time I can take it out again.

It comes in a carton which I have thrown away.
Whatever the brand claims

Price and quantity: 150 INR for 8 gms
My shade: 01 Ivory

Why I would ask you to consider purchasing it:

1) The quantity is okay for the price.
2) it has multiminerals.
3) It did not break me out.
4) it gives a very smooth and even finish to the skin. I , for myself, have, uneven skintone.
5) Beautiful chic packaging. I like it. :)
6) Has an inbuilt mirror which comes handy while doing touch ups.
7) Doesn't dry out the skin. So, the dry skin beauties would love this.
8) Comes in several shades categorized under yellow and pink undertones which is something really impressed me.

Why you might ditch it:
1) If you are an oily, this is not the best friend for the matte look in summer. it would not break you out, but it would not absorb oil either.
2) All the shades are not available in the stores. even the invisible finish ones which have 6 shades in the range, is not available after the first 4 shades.
3) The little applicator is as bad as can be. I have unfortunately thrown away my Maybelline UV Compact which used to do a great job
4) No 01 Ivory fair has yellow undertones and is the lightest shade in the range. But trust me, I am not the fairest person around. you have seen me. So, what would the people with lighter skin tones ( Yes, even the Indians can be very very fair) do?
5) I don;t like the idea of 'fairness'. The brand which taught the Indian women to love their skin tone, doesn't make a very good impression when it suddenly tries to sell products which just teaches women the opposite.  it's a matter of dignity.

So, while I really like the compact, without the applicator, the compact is difficult to use. I use it with a powder brush though, but not with the same result.

A small tip: fed up with the applicator, I tried using it with a makeup blending sponge. it worked beautifully. but I think there would be a bit f wastage as some of it would get into the sponge pores

So, dish it or diss it?