Nature's Co Foressence Rosemary-Sage Thyme Hair Oil

Winter may be good news to you, but not your hair. This is the time when your hair needs extra protection. I have been looking for all kind of hair lotions and potions..oops! I just remembered I have some Biotique hair masks left and I had completely forgotten all about it. Wait. I'd review shortly. It was just at this point of time, I got the chance to try the nature's Co Foressence Rosemary-Sage Thyme hair oil.

Price: 325 for 100 ml

So, what does the company claim about this?


So, that's all for what it claims, directions, etc etc whatever you need to know.


I had too much of expectations from this oil, but it did not live up to it. Yet, it surprised me by something else. I'll come to it eventually.
When I had taken a pump of oil, it dispensed just the amount which is not too much so that you can have a bottle bit each time and massage it on. For the first few weeks, I tried using it the way it was directed.  I was having a little dandruff issues and oily scalp etc ( the wrong shampoo phase).
It indeed stopped the itchiness from my scalp. But then there was something which I could not deal with. The oil kind of I think becomes sticky and my hair and scalp also became felt sticky. I tried it on after cleaning and drying my hair. But my hair would again look like slithered in oil although I have used only a week bit and massaged it only at the roots.  After a week or two of usage ,every time I shampooed, my hair looked healthier, soft and better. So, I don't know where exactly to put it. Because if you want stylish non-sticky hair, you have to forego this. And if you want to keep your hair healthy, you have to forget about getting the fluffy and bouncy hair.

So, my likes
1) It has a mild fragrance of rosemary and thyme which I like.
2) The packing is really good. It is a sturdy pump bottle with a cap on the nozzle apart from the regular cap.
3) It makes the hair healthier.
4) Helps control dandruff problem.
5) Herbal.
6) Relieves from dryness ( in the hair).

1) Sticky in the hair.
2) Forget about a good hair style if you are using this.
3) Slightly pricey. Still, looking at the amount needed I am reconsidering this.

Do I recommend? if you are really plagued by itchy scalp and don't mind sticky hair.

Shall I repurchase? I would if I see my hair is turning dry this winter again.

Bottomline: This might be a good therapy product, but not what I would dig in. I am thinking about getting the Tea Tree hair cream which protects the hair from blow dry as well.

So, what's your idea?

The product was sent to me by the PR for consideration. But that has not affected my review.