Matrix Biolage Hair Serum

 Matrix Biolage Hair Serum
Hi beauties,
I have not reviewed products for a while. It was because I was simply tired of reviews etc. But, thought I should review this hair potion which may be your best friend as well in winter.

 I am absolutely in love with this.

There are two sizes available mine is 200 ml for 450 INR. And that's way cheap. I'll explain why.

I am vulnerable to flu. So, except for summers I always tend to use hair dryers. I have been using hair dryers since I was 13 or 14 I think. Ever since I started to grow my hair a bit that is. But, although I took some precautions etc, I was not aware of these heat protective serums and stuff. About a year or two ago, I realized, my hair was lacking the softness it naturally posses. I got hold of this potion. It's the wisest thing I have ever done.

  • I need a wee bit for my shoulder length hair.
  • it really softens up my hair and gives that neatness and shine when used with hair-dryer.
  • It actually did take away the mild heat damage which I had incurred.
  • It's so light and non-greasy.
  • I have been using it regularly for the last three months and I realized it's full potential. Even after three month's of regular usage, I have managed to finish less than 20% of the entire bottle. Since I bought this a couple of years back and did not use up, it;s about to expire and I am feeling like gnawing my nails because I let such a good product expire.
  • Although it does not claim to be 'heat-protective-, it is recommended to be used before heat styling or blow-dryong. And, it indeed works as a heat protectant.
  • Does not contain silicone.
  • Does not weigh down the hair.
  • doesn't make me clean my hair every alternate day like Silk n shine does.
  • None. But yes, if you tend to go overboard, your hair may become oily and sticky to touch.

A small tip: Use this in damp hair and then blow dry. The product works best, plus, the heat won;t do that much of damage either. Read my hair-care article here

Trust me, blow drying would not be the necessary spoil-sport this year

Shall I repurchase? of course I would. Mine is getting expired next month. What a pity. I would get the 100 ml bottle now. What about you?

Btw, I relized that the list of my labels was getting too long. I feel clouding them kind of jumbles them up. So, I got them listed in the drop down menu which helped to de-clutter this space. Hope you are fine with it.


  1. Is this one like livon?

  2. @Lancy: I wouldn't even compare. Way better than that

  3. Even i'm in love with this serum :)

  4. Thank you so much for this review. I really wanted to try this product, but was somewhat hesitant after my experience with Livon. No silicon is a a big time pro.

  5. Sounds really really.. checking where I can get that online :D

  6. Thank you so much Nivedita for this review. This sounds really good. Me too blow dry my hairs in winters. I'll buy it asap. <3 :)

  7. have not used this one... i dont use serums tht much nivedita...

  8. i love matrix totally. i hv used their conditioner and it became my HG.

  9. eeeps use it soon Niv :D

    nice review,,m using the Loreal one,,will review it in a day or two :) :)

  10. Happy New Year! I love Matrix hair products...will defo try out this one..thanks for the great review hun!

  11. hii nivedita :) i'd love to get this one soon..

  12. @Siri: Same pinch then!!
    @Pandora's Box: Don't worry. This is way better than that one :)
    @Divya: Hey, if you locate it online, do let me know. I won;t have to go to the store then. Uff! Lazy me!!
    @Vertu: Then get it soon. This would be your best friend :)
    @ Riddhi: :)
    @Vanity: Is it? gotta try it.

  13. @Namita: Yeah. Do that quickly so that I buy it too :P Looking forward to it dear
    @Sonali: Happy New Year to you too. I have not tried any other products from the brand. But looks like it's high time I do
    @Upasana: Do give it a try :)

  14. Heyy-I went to New Market and they showed me this and the Loreal Total repair 5 serum-I was so tempted to buy this. But I needed a small travel friendly pack-and because there was no smaller pack of this Matrix serum-I settled for the Loreal-I will definitely try this next time!! :)

  15. hey can you explain how to use this serum???

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