My 2011 Favourites- Skin

This might be a bit too late. But it's only the second week of January and I am feeling  lazy. Seeing my blogger friends posts about their besties, I thought why not share mine as well? This way, we get the round up of the best products which turned out to be the champions that year.

Now, I am not going to do a besties-of-the-year post. This is because my skin responds to even mild changes in the weather and I have to switch accordingly.So, I am putting in all the products I liked the most and want to repurchase. This is the skin post. Next might be my makeup post


Ignore the date. I don't know why I had it.

  1.  Makari Exfoliant Antiseptic  Soap: This had visibly reduced my acne. It has tiny scrubs that exfoliated very well. It's a treat in summers . The granules massages my skin gently making it feel better.  I still have two of the sample sizes and a big bar I bought. Would take it out in summer again.
  2. Himalaya Neem Face Wash: I won't say anything about it. I don't know how many tubes and bottles I have used. It's a must have for me.
  3. Liz Earle Hot Polish Face Cleanser: Mild and lightly fragrant cream that softens up the dead skin and the hot cloth that clears up all the dirt and grime, this is a magic product to me. Don't know what I'm going to do without it.


Himalaya Toner: I won't claim it does not make your skin sticky. But I spray it on my face and then pat my towel. Alcohol-free, this toner did reduce my open pores in the long term.


  1. Biotique Morning Nectar Lotion :A relief from dryness when the weather is very harsh. This would suit even oily skin in winter.
  2. Lacto Calamine: This magic potion is not only my essential potion, but the same holds for too many people around the world. Yes, the legendary Lacto Calamine.
  3. Himalaya Face Moisturizing Lotion: A light runny lotion ideal for even oily skin in summer and mild winter.
  4. Lotus Rejuvina day Lotion: The lotion that made me try Lotus a second time. This is a light water based skin lotion which instantly lifts my tired skin and adds a glow to my face. Very dark skinned beauties should stay away as it may leave a cast.
Skin Creams:

  1. Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream: When the lotions started to fall in the dry skin battle, this tuned to be the hero for sometime.
  2. Nivea Creme Classic: When even Himalaya Cream failed, this turned out to be the ultimate hero to rescue my skin from dryness.

  1. L'Oreal UV Perfect Fluid protector: Moisturized my face but not make it oily. Doesn;t not prevent your skin from getting oily in it's own course either. if you need a high protection tinted moisturizer, this might be your HG.
  2. Lakme Sunexpert Sunscreen SPF50+++ : Seems Lakme did a good job with their sunscreens. This one with the ultimate protections did prevent sunburn of my photo-sensitive skin. Although meant for dry skin, it suits oily skin more. If I use it in winter I do need a moisturizer underneath. 
Face Packs

  1. Himalaya Neem Face Pack: Mildly Exfoliating this had actually helped me to get rid of an acne attack.
  2. Himalaya fairness Face pack: It helps me to get it of tan and gives a visible glow. lazy me. Should be using these frequently.
  3. Himalaya Fruit Pack: Since the neem pack is a bit gritty, when I have got infections from accidentally scratching my acne, it is not the best product to use.Fruit pack comes to rescue. it's mild and it cleanses my face nicely.
I'm so in love with face packs. Planning to try out some more face packs from other brands as well.Any suggestions? I might give the Lotus ones a try.


Lotus Herbals Kiwi and Grapes Skin Polish: The only scrub that does not scratch my acne and brings out the glow in me. Definitely a repurchase this year.

Lips: Lip products are my guilty pleasure. My lips are quite dry. So, here we go

  1. Avon Naturals LipBalm in Strawberry: The other variants like Peach and Aloe Vera are just crappy!! But I love the strawberry. I have been using these for the last few years and have stocked up as back up. They would moisturize very well as well as add tint to your lips that look the most natural. They smell is beautiful but a bit overwhelming. The best pick ever IMO
  2. Himalaya herbals Lip Butter: Free from all kind of preservatives, this is a treat. It would sink in with a heavy layer of moisture . Nice to wear under lipsticks too.
  3. The Body Shop Lip Balms: Hihihihih. I don't want to say anything actually. They are not the best moisturizing balms areoung. But they add such a lovely wet look to the lips. These little potted beauties smell and taste great! It's the feel good factor that keeps me hooked on.
 Miscellaneous :

Makari Acnyl Cream:
It helped me clear acne and imparted that smooth finish to my skin. but since I heard a few scary things about the whitening products from this brand, I did not dare to continue. Even then. I have a couple of sachets and I use this cream when I need a rescue at hand. Say I have a wedding to attend in a week's time and I have acne which needs to be cleared up. Works best if used at night.

I know I have already mentioned it, but this deserves special mention. Tinted moisturizer that smooths out my skin and high sun protection, its everything I need rolled into one.

 Anything from my list you like too? Tell me about it