Vedic Line Lime Shower Gel

 Suddenly I realized that there are a number of Indian brands that are coming up. Not only that, they are also catering good products at much reasonable price. Yes, hits and misses would of course be there for me, but on average, I love shower products esp in hot summers.

A few of my friends here may know how I was looking forward to summer for luxuriant baths. Yes, the Vedic Line Lime Shower gel has joined it;s other friends on my bathroom shelf.

I started liking it at first sight esp becasue more than floral or sweet scents I prefer tangy or fruity smells. yeah, a bit uncommon I know. Moreover, I have a 'thing' for transparent things be it my shower gels or any kind of transaction.

My experience: It's a clear shower gel that strongly smells of lime. But the smell is not as strong as to make you dizzy, yet it would fill up your bathroom to make your bath a relaxing one.

What I liked:
  1. The smell. Smells of lime.
  2. It lathers well. A light squeeze produces enough lather for the whole body.
  3. UNLIKE most body washes, this did not make my skin dry or extra dry. This went up the scale more than even The Body Shop for me because my skin is dry and most body washes normally leave my skin dry.
  4. feels refreshing.
What I 'did not' like:
  1. For 110 INR 120 ml is a bit too little. Come on during sale a 250 ml body wash from The Body Shop costs around 250. Do the math now.
  2. The cap is a bit flimsy. It almost broke when I was a bit careless. The flip cap sometimes refuses to fit properly.

Verdict: I am looking forward to try more stuff from this brand. With their shower gel, Vedic Line, has impressed me enough given it's not a that known/popular brand.

Shall I repurchase? Whenever I need a break from regular sweet smelling stuff, surely I would.

What about you? Any experience of this?

The product was sent to me for consideration. But as usual, that has never affected my opinion in anyway what so ever


  1. Like shower gels would really feel good using this summer!

    1. True. I already spend so much time in the shower :P

  2. lime is gooooooood!!!!!

  3. Shower Gels can be very tricky when buying it online. What if I don't like the scent of the product when it reaches in my hands? lol. I want to see Vedic Line in some store so that I can physically sniff it there and see if I like it or not :P.

    Nice review btw ^_^.

    1. I agree with you esp if you are choosy about them.

  4. do check out their face masks!!! loved the papaya one. and, their hair retarder is supposedly pretty good.

    1. I AM using that one and I'm pretty impressed from the second application

  5. I really like dat Indian brands are also coming up wid nice products to cater Indian Market and i prefer buying frm dem.

    I missed ur blog somehow in blog-world bt not goin to miss it again, So now u have 369 followers on GFC :)

    1. Hey! That's so nice. Thank you for the kind words and for following me. Even I am also thinking of trying. But the lack of implementation of standardizing rules, kind of scares me. So, I kind of wait till other review them :P

  6. Hi Nivedita, i am your GFC # 369!!! Following you. Nice review - simple n short. Btw I too love shower gels and i already gave a try to Oriflame's lime shower gel. U can see the same in my blog page. Oriflame shower gels are not too strong on your nose though.


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