A Collective Haul 2012

Most of you know I don;t haul these days. I am focusing on cleaning up my stuff. But a girl's got to shop ! And why would I entirely cut if off? I am satiating the shopaholic in me not only by getting the stuff I always should have, but also getting the stuff that my whole family can use. Si, My first purchase from healthkart.com this year.

I have a nice experience to share

I got Pond's Radiance Talc in Sandal, A Sunsilk thick and long shampoo( which I have finished up as well), a Sunsilk Damage reonstruction Conditioner, NYX Round Lipstick in Milan, Fabindia clove gel for acne prone skin, a Faces Go-Chic Lipstick and A Faces Glam on eyeshadow Mono in pure Gold.

I did not order the Faces products first. It was the lipstick. But when the order arrived, the lipstick was a mess. The bullet was broken and in the heat, the lipstick bullet and broken beyond redemption. Who likes to get a ruined lipstick? Also, the soap that I was supposed to get, was missing. When I complained along with the image of the lipstick, the friendly customercare service, asked for sometime and then added the whole amount as my store credit.
The telephone connection was a disaster, but when I emailed, I got almost an immediate response. For all the pros and cons, this experience has really impressed me.

With the store credit, I bought the lipstick and the eye-shadow.

Next is my another haul which mainly consists of brushes

VOV Brush kit

It;s very difficult to clean brushes every time you use them. Besides, on occasions, I do makeups on my cousins etc. I am a bit picky about hygiene so I thought of getting another set. But I did not wan;t to shell out something big since it's only occasionally i need. besides, these brushes are not really that bad! I bought this whole set for 70 bucks! yes, that;s true. The blush brush is just too soft. If you want to put on your bronzer or highlighter, it does an amazing job. For blushes, it;s ok. You have to build on the color gradually since it is too soft to pick up much at one go. But the result is beautiful. The flattish brush, I don;t know what it;s meant for, does a jod job at blending concealers, esp underneath the eyes. It has become one of my favorites. the angled liner... believe it or not, I would bodly compare it with ecotools Angled liner brush. Yes, you heard me right.

Bourjois paris Powder brush ( Kabuki) in medium

I also bought a Bourjois paris cosmetics Powder brush in medium size. It's not the ideal kabuki I think, but does a good job and is very very dense.

 At the counter, I also saw a Smokey eye brush from Bourjois which I was always hoping to launch and it finally did! It has a very good smudger at one end and a nice fat short bristle smudger and applicator brush on the other. And guess the price? 150 bucks!

Bourjoisparis Smokey eyes brush

Ecotools angled liner

An Ecotools angled liner brush

Oriflame Blending brushes and an eyebrow groomer ( which I ordered by mistake). These have small fluffy dome heads and a Bourjois Khol and Contour pencil in Black. This is the special extra large size.

oriflame brushes

Maybelline gel liner in 01 Black
Maybelline gel liner in 01 Black

Body shop Candied Ginger Body Wash and wax strips

The body Shop Candied Ginger Body wash

The Body Shop Vitamin E Creams ( which you must have seen) and some perfumes ( Gift with purchase).

The Body Shop Vitamin E Day Creams

my other GWPs

So, this is it folks. reviews , looks, etc coming up soon. So, what's your thought on this?


  1. Ohhh what a nice haul! The brushes in particular look great!

    1. The brushes are not of the greatest quality, but comes really handy. How are you?

  2. Amazing haul ! i too wanna go shopping !

  3. Me gusta! The brushes are adorable. :D That clove gel BURNS! I tried it once because my sister uses it everyday, OMG! Never again! She screams about it burning everyday but still uses it! LOL! Where did you buy Ecotools? :D

    1. hahaha! I get why she screams . it burns me too! But then, it's working wonders for me!
      I did not buy the brush Nisha, it;s the prerogative of having a big sis. You can make her things your own, sometimes without even asking :P

  4. huge haul there,girl. I find the maybelline gel liner really awesome. nice going :)

    1. Yes. Initially I did not like it. but now, my liquid liners seems to have lost the battle

  5. isshh koto kinechis! :P i went to BF today..bought those cotton pants and a beautiful coral top and a pair of colorful danglers.. :D :D

  6. ooh wat a haul Nivi..drooling..TBS stuff is temping..

  7. slrp :P :P :P dat ws sooo much nivs !!!!!

  8. Fabulous haul! Totally digging ur brushes, mine too need replacing

  9. Nivs that's one hell of a haul :D
    Also aren't angled liner brushes amazing!

  10. Nice haul!! The brushes looks good!

  11. I have that same 5 brush set..yes the blush brush is super soft..the Bourjois Smokey Eye Brush looks quite nice..


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