Faces Go Chic Lipstick in FIG: Lip swatch

I was in a funny mood and I wanted to try some lipswatches. I started shooting and some photos came out just too good. I sent the juiciest ones to him and the downside of having a boyfriend who loves photography and is terribly possessive -- made the photos his copyright and I cannot publish even though I am itching to. :P
So, sadly, I am posting the worst of the lot while still staring in amazement at the best ones :P

Faces Co-Chic lipsticks are now my favorite. I would not say they are the best ones in the town. But for the price and quality, I think they are just great! The staying power and pigmentation is aweome! I have a review. Yet wanted to try out the lipsticks and show you how they actually look on my lips. For the review  check here please

Perhaps, you  would see more of the lipswatches. I might turn this into a series

Would you like to see more? Do let me know

PS: I am planning to do an international giveaway. How about I include these lippies?