Sunday, August 19, 2012

My International Giveaway: Prize Preview 1

At last a good news for my international readers as well. I am planing to host an international giveaway and have started to collect the goodies. I have decided upon Faces Go-Chic Lipsticks and an eyeshadow Quad from the same brand. Since I am lipstick addict, lipsticks make the most of it and the shades chosen are meant for all.  ( the goodies shown in the photo).
 I personally love them all.

Incidentally, this November , this space is turning 2. Yes, Beauty At Times is Skin Deep is becoming two. I thought why not mark the occasion with a giveaway?
I am waiting for 450 followers after which the giveaway would start ,
 It would be open for quite sometime and depending on the response, I might be adding more goodies to these. So, this is preview 1.
This time it would be International!!!

The photos you see, the goods are mine. You would get brand new of the same since I DO NOT giveaway used cosmetics ( may me I am too selfish to part with my personal ones LOL)

Let me know if you are excited and yes, start followng me and also DO help me get a few more follows so that the show can start soon.



  1. Waiting....waitingg...waitinggg...waitinggggggg :)

  2. awesome def in

  3. want the goodies :)

  4. luved <3 the lippies totally! waiting for the giveaway!

  5. super!!! waitingggggggggggggg

  6. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! waiting for that !


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