Be shocked!! Lakme and Sleek? Is that possible?

Sleek Blusher in Rose Gold and Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Peachy Affair, comparision, comparative post, photo, review swatches.
Before you jump on me telling me how bad Lakme products are, let me clarify myself. I like Lakme. I think the brand has it's hits and misses and with it's pricing rocketing up, I do give frequent miss to their products. But do  I say ' ooh! It's Lakme, it's local, uff, it's Indian brand... you know it's so bad, had such bad qualities, etc etc etc'? No. Every brands has it's hits and misses and every brand IMO deserves a chance for the good products it caters out. Some time ago, I had reviewed the Sleek Blush and even before, the Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Peachy Affair which does not look remotely peach to me.

Now, ever since I tried the Sleek blush, I had a doubt. The texture and pigmentation felt pretty much the same. Even the quantity is the same and then, everything resolved when I turned them round! No, not
methaphorically but literally. Both are made in Taiwan and come from the same manufacturer!! Voila! They are actually same products in different casing and in different name and of course one ( Sleek) in a wide range of beautiful colors and the other with it's predictable colors all in the spectrum of reds to browns!!

I suspect that there are quite a few shades from Sleek that I think tally with a few Lakme shades. Shall come up with that in a different post.

Left: Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Peachy Affair. Right: Sleek Blusher in Rose Gold

As such, I have been looking at a few more shades from both Lakme and Sleek. I do not know which way I would look first. It's a tie when it comes to quality!

How surprised are you? Have you used either of the blushes? What's you opinion?