You can relax in your bath with Nivea Water Lily Shower Gel

 Nivea Water Lily Shower Gel with oil beads, photo, review, bath, body wash, summer
I love bath products in summer and no wonder soaps and shower gels top my list at this point of time. Plus, I have a thing for transparent colored gels and no wonder, even more than creams, the gels would make their way on my shelves.Nivea shower gel looked so beautiful on it's first appearance!!

It's a transparent gel with lovely colorless and golden beads in it. I really do not know if they are oil beads, but I love the pink fluid with those lovely beads! Since this is a shower gel, I am not making a drama out of it
but let's dig into the pros and the cons right away.

I love
  • The gel has very mild frangrance, nothing too strong and smells good. It is quite refreshing in the shower.
  • I love the color that makes me feel good.
  • Lathers alright.
  • Does NOT dry out my already dry skin and this is the best part about it!
  • Affordable
  • Widely available
  • Good quanity.
I did not 'LOVE'
  1. Compared to the other shower gels, this lathers a bit less. Instead of one mild squeeze, you would need two to lather up your whole body. But then, it does not dry out my skin which is good.
Is this a magic potion that you would expect more?

Verdict: This is a lovely product from Nivea and I do like it! I might repurchase, but not the same variant. I am surely buying the other variants.

What do you think? What bath products are you using ? I have a few which I think I would show here soon. Doesn't this look lovely?

PR sample. Honest opinion.