Lotus Herbals BasilTone Cucumber and Basil Clarifying and Balancing Toner (Combination to Oily Skin)

Lotus Herbals BasilTone Toner with Cucumber and Basil
I have this weird kind of skin which, when washed with the mildest of face-wash twice a day gets dry, and when washed only once with a strong one gets oily. So, I have to take the middle path and try something which can normalize this unruly friend.

I have tried a few toners, ranging from the pocket-friendly Himalaya Toner to the burns-a-hole-in-your-
pocket Oriflame one (it costs above 400/-!!). Recently I laid my hands on this one by Lotus, and have been loving it every single day since then!

Rs.195/- for a bottle of 100ml.

RoseTone (All Skin Types)

I have tried using it in the following ways:
# After getting up in the morning and washing my face.
# Before going to sleep (without washing the face with water)
# Before going to sleep (after washing the face with water)
# Wiping my face twice or thrice throughout the day when I was out for 8-9hours.
1. It is light. Compared to the Himalaya Toner which leaves stickiness on the skin and refuses to work as a sweat-control, this works within 1-2minutes and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.
2. It doesn’t smell of alcohol. The Oriflame Toner, though good as a toner, smelled strongly of alcohol and did sting my skin.
3. Is within the range of my budget. I know that toner is good for skin. But I need to look at my purse as well.
4. Nice smell. The combination of the herbs gives it a nice and soft smell.
5. Spray bottle. I know that Nivedita has a bias towards spray bottle toners, and I was glad to find that this one belongs to her “likes” category. And using it becomes easier!
6. Removed dirt and residual make-up well.

Haven’t been able to figure out one yet. Will let you know if I do. Share your opinion about it if you have used it as well! :-)

Of course! Indian summers play havoc on the skin, especially for those who have to work under non-AC conditions. And I feel that it worked pretty well on my skin to keep me happy till the next time.

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