Vega Powder Brush: A brush that I use each and everyday!

Vega powder brush review
I am currently going through the brush phase. Yes, I have at last satiated my makeup lust and now I am obsessed about flawless application. However much you might not want the Vega brushes, you can't ignore them. Loos like they would indeed rule the Indian market because of the quality of brushes they are catering out for the price. I won't say veg brushes are bad. Rather, excpet for a few misses, they have been doing a good job for me. I bought the Vega powder brush about ummm.... 5 years ago! At first I used it as a blush brush and it did a nice nice job there. Now, you can't compare it with say the best quality blush brush, but it did a commendable job is doing a light wash of colors.

When I got it, it was priced at 75 INR and used to come with a silver handle. Yes, it used to one of the priciest brushes from the brand. Now it comes with a wooden handle nd is priced around 160 I think.

My thoughts:
The brush is dense. it used to be very soft, but stupid me, when I knew nothing about brushes, I tried drying it with a hair dryer. Poor brush, the bristles frayed ever since and became a bit rough.
it never shed while washing, but might shed one or two once in a blue moon.

The dense bristles pick up nice amount of the powder. I normally take a it of the loose powder on the lid and swirl the brush around to spread the powder evenly and then put it on my face.
The brush is not round, but tapered and if you are using it as a blush brush, you can control it nicely to apply the product on your cheeks. it wont go over the whole area at once if you know your trick.

The brush head is big. It's not overtly big, but the right size and the dense bristles are definitely a pro

The only con the brush has is that whenever I wash it and let it dry, it bleeds. Even after all these years, it bleeds which is strange. It's like near the base, it leaves a bit of bluish spot on the cloth piece on which I lay it out to dry and it.

Do I recommend? I would. The current variants are way better than even this one and I would say, for the price, it does a really good job. I won't say it's the best of its kind, but if I have been reaching out for this one for the last 5 years, do I need to complain?

I am planning to do more brush reviews and eventually come up with some more brush related posts. let me know if you would like that.