Another beauty find for oily-acne prone skin: Vaadi Herbals Neem Face wash

Some time ago I had reviewed the Vaadi handmade soaps which I absolutely loved my family absolutely loved. I had also used the lavender soap from Vaadi as a shampoo bar and it worked great! Now, it's turn for Vaadi Herbals Neem Facewash which I mentioned in my June Favorites post.

My experience: 

Since I was happy with their soaps, I did not mind the face wash. Still, I was a bit skeptic. When I
opened it, I found it strongly smells of Indian Neem. In fact, it smells like real Neem. The texture is dense and you would need about two hazel nut size to work up a lather in your palms and rub that on your face.
Since it does not foam too much like regular facewashes. At first I wasn't that impressed. But later found, the lathe takes off the dirt and grime and most of my makeup off. That's great!

I have acne prone skin, and there are always bumps underneath the skin. I do not know if this particular product or the whole routine, has been working well. In fact, when I have had a mild break out, I had used this facewash. it feels good on the skin and the acne vanished in two days.

What is not impressing me:
Availability. Even though Vaadi Herbals products are available online, I did not locate this one except for on their website.

Verdict: I like this facewash. Provided it's available online, I would repurchase it for sure!

Vaadi products impressed me till now. Let's see what the future has in store for me

PR sample: Honest review.