I can't eternally stay off shopping; My latest haul-- Latin Quarters, Souldflower, The Body Shop, Nature's Co

My latest purchases: The Body Shop, Nature's Co, Latin Quarters, Soulf Flower, et al.
You know I am refraining from mindless shopping. But does that mean I should completely get off it? A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do ladies! So, with all the sales going on, I decided to take a plunge. But watch out! It was not a deep plunge! But even then, it managed to dig a hole.
The man was in town for sometime and we were taking a walk round at The South City Mall. A dress from Latin Quarters had caught my eyes and I was almost losing my sleep over it. he insisted on buying me that and how could I refuse? So, here it is.

And the products haul

Sorry for the hurried photo because I was too tired to shoot.
The Body Shop was also hosting a sale of upto 50% and it was simply too lucrative to resist. So, I
went ahead and bought a foundation, a Rainforest Conditioner ( I know my hair is not colored, but I needed something gentle).

And then, as I was walking past The Nature's Co, the banner which read 'Falt 25% off' caught my eyes. tell me how can I walk past it? So, I jumped in and grabbed the Nature's Co Tea Tree hair leave in.

Next Day, at Shopper's Stop in Forum Mall, I found there was a flat discount going on at the Soulflower stall. All soaps were cut down to the price of 149 INR. I had wanted to try their shampoo bars for a very long time. So, I did not hesistate to get these two beauties.

That's my modest haul friends. Don't expect haul posts very soon. See you soon.