One Brand incidentally I was using all at a point: Nivea

Going through my current product stash, I was pretty much surprised. I realized that a couple of months ago, I was incidentally using products all from the same brand. I don't claim that I like all products from Nivea, but a co-incidence is a co-incidence. can't help it. Here is the image

  1. Nivea Waterlily and Oil Shower gel : Love
  2. Nivea whitening 48 hour deodorant: Not love. LOL.
  3. Nivea Whitening and Cell Repair Body lotion: Good one.
  4. Nivea Creme Classic: Love, love
  5. Nivea or labello Lip balm: On the fence
Isn't this funny? is there any one brand that you have incidentally been using too?