Our stardom at The Body Shop at the launch of Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

Ladies, I am too excited because for the first time I was invited to an event in KolkataI am as such a big fan of The Body Shop products. So, when I received the invitation, I was too excited. Plus, I wanted to meet my favourite PR Lavli Kumari with whom I have been talking over phone since the last 2 years!!

I am a big fan of Dia Mirza's style. In fact, on MTV, she had once shown her makeup train case and OMG!! I just died!!

This time I wanted to ask her about her skin care routine. Doesn;t she look flawless? Unfortunately, she was ill and couldn't come. Shayoni and I, stayed back taking a look around because even though Dia was not there, we wanted to enjoy the event. Then the fun started!

The press, found us and we modeled for them!!! Shayoni, in her skirt and top looked like a doll! Me... err... I wore a sheer shirt, but didn't realize, since it is loose, looked 'fat'! But still, I had fun! We posed and posed and laughed and made faces! It was so funny! Shayoni hugged the huge BB Cream model that was put up and honestly, even though I am shy, I loved posing for the press!!

We were given samples of The Body Shop BB Cream and I bought a foundation which I think I might be loving. I am planning to go back to the store for more.

I really had a wonderful day, and it might sound phoney, still, I am really delighted to have been invited at the event.

Btw, if you think I used to much of exclamation marks, excuse me. I am just too happy right now!