Beauty bargain that made me more than happy: Meet my 70 bucks brushes

Brushes are really a problem in the Indian beauty sphere as I feel. Not only that we don;t have too many options, but standard brushes are expensive. In fact, my coastal scents brushes which are supposed to be not the best ones around, are perhaps one of the best in my kit. So, unless you are shelling out a fortune over MAC, the other options are Vega ( thankfully they have a professional line as well).
Anyway, for everyday basis, I needed some cheap brushes which I can wash and use regularly ( almost
like my water color brushes). One day, walking through Jady babur Bazaar, I located this VOV brush kit in a stall and it was priced only at 70 bucks!!

I did not have much expectations from these and indeed these are not the best ones around, but even then, I am loving them as they serve some specific purpose. ( Wait until I come up wit review of individual brushes).

Do you also feel there is a real lack of cheap brushes in the market? How would you like reviews of the brushes individually in a post?