If one lipstick could lift my mood , I would pick Inglot lipstick in #103

You have seen me raving about this Inglot lipstick number 103 or #103 as it goes by. But, it's greatness seemed so obvious to me that I never reviewed it. At last, I thought it's time I do before it gets into my list of eternal laziness.  I had worn this to the event at the Body Shop here.
Mind, the color is not for the faint-hearteds!

Yes hun. It cuts like a knife.

My experience: It's not the creamiest of the lipsticks, yet it's not dry. If you are a lipstick girl like me, this could be your dream product. It is intensely pigmented and even though one swipe would cover pigmented lips, I like going over to get a better finish.

The color: This is the best part. the color is to die for!! It's orangish red, verging more towards bright neon orange. I would call this one a tomato red and would lift any skin tone. It kind of lights up my face and on any day I would love wearing it.

I have no word, but only that I love it!

It lasts for quite a long time even with light meals and drinks. it would not leave your lips start naked! And this is definitely a pro for me.
At the same time, it does not leave any stain. You can get rid of it with regular face wash.

Not available everywhere as Inglot stores are sparse.
I detest going to Inglot stores since they have starnge sales policies.
If you have dry lips, you would definitely need a lipbalm underneath.
The price is just too high. 850 INR is not something you always want to shell out. But I do not regret getting this.( it was actually a gift from my boyfriend).

Overall, I am just in love with this lipstick and I can never get enough!!
Do I recommend? Oh yes!! Definitely.