Ponds BB Cream is more often saving my day!

Blame it one my acne prone skin that I get obsessed about base makeup these days. From foundations to BB Creams my collection is literally more than overflowing. I had loved the Ponds Tinted Moisyurizer before and ever since it's death, was sad. But worry not. Here it has comeback in a new avatar of BB Cream!

I was at first pretty much skeptic about it since I was pretty much hung up with the TM. But the cute tube did not fail to impress me. Read on to know why...

My first impressions: The tube looks beautiful! Plus the nozzle packing makes sure that there is no wastage. In fact I prefer tubes since at the end I can cut them open and use even the last bits. I myself and warm toned now ( My skin color constantly keeps changing).
When I squeezed out some I was delighted since it' very warm toned. It is a pro for my but might be a con for most cool toned girls.
I also noticed it not only hides my minor blemishes, but also hides my ugly under eye circles. In fact, when I am in a hurry and have no time for concealing, I reach out for this one. Since it contains SPF

  • It goves me medium coverage hiding my blemishes and my undereye circles.
  • Effectively moisturizes my skin without making it oily.
  • Warm tones. In fact, yellow tones which is good for my skin.
  • Contains SPF. Hence your sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation... all rolled into one.
  • Freshens me up in a jiffy.

My no makeup face

My Pond's BB Cream face
 My makeup complete with some blush, lipliner filled in the lips and tightlining and highlights in the inner corner ( My mum had put up a peach colored towel while I was shooting. By the time I was done, it was reflecting peach light :( )

  • On my less yellow days, it takes a bit of more blending to tone down the yellow.
  • It  comes in only one shade. Hence, if I am getting tanned, I cannot use it. Plus, this would definitely not cater to a wide range of skintones ranging from cool undertones to dark complexion. I wish Pond's brought out more shades of this cream.
Overall: For 69 bucks I couldn't wish for more!! If you have a similar complexion as mine  or even lighter, I think this is one product you must have! You really really must have.

Product by the brand. Honest review.