The 70 Rupees brushes review: Why I find them so handy.

I had promised to review my 70 bucks brushes. Oops! Looks like I have named them so! Anyway, as I said these are not something you would go gaga over, but yes, read on because it might be worth the effort.

These brushes are extremely soft. They are made of nylon-wool which is why they clean off very easily, but at the same time, they won't pick up too much of the product.

Blush Brush:
 I am starting with this one since this is the biggest in the bunch ( obviously).

The brush is extremely soft. It's made of nylon-wool which is why it cleans off very easily, but at the same time, it won;t pick up too much of the product.
If you want to apply your blushes in a single swipe, it's not for you. But if you like to build up your color and make it very natural, this might be the right choice. I have to go back and swirl on the blush between applications in order to build the color up. At first, i did not like the feathery softness. But eventually I am liking it.

Since the head is not too big, you can use it to contour since the flattish bristles give you more precision. Use can use it as a powder brush as well without having to worry about putting on too much of powder. It would help you to reach the corners of your face.

Next in line: The concealer brush

I am perhaps liking this one the most. I had initially used it as a shader brush. With my unpressed powder shadows, it fared well. With my pressed powder shadows it fared well too. The brustles are not fluffy and it's flat. I have tried using it in doing precise crease, and it did it well. But it does not blend the shadows too well. But the feathery softness makes up for it.

I am now using it as a concealer brush for my Kryolan Dermacolor concealer which is a good concealer, but very difficult to blend. It seems, this brush is the strict headmistress to it. Spanks the concealer to behave!

Angled Liner brush:

I have to count the ways I love it. The bristles are stiff and the brush head small enough to pick up the gel liner and yet soft enough for a nice application. But I prefer the liner brush which comes with Maybelline gel liner. So, I use this as an angled liner brush ( Since my sis took back the ecotools ones she gave me *snick snick*)
But hoenstly, I don't regret because qualitywise, I find these brushes at par.

Sponge tip applicator:

Here goes the dark horse. Most of us bloggers and makeup artists don't like sponge tip applicators. But I do. I like the way they help tp easily pack on colors of the lids and how precisely they let you blend the shadows. But, once you have applied one color, you can;t use it for any other.

I haven't used it much. But it is not like most spongetip applicators. The tip is, I think made up od PVC sponge. It had been almost a year, but unlike others, it did not crumble or tear off. In fact, I have used it quite a few times with lighter shadows. After light hand application, when I tapped it, the shadows fell off.
Now your common sense should say, it can;t be as clean as new, but you can see the unwashed tip here. ( Haven't used it for deeper colors though... let me remind you again).

So, here is the review of my brush kit and tell me now, do you think this is a steal or fail?