Why I think a Beauty Blogger should do monthly empties post: Part 2-- How to start

I had already spoken about why I started the monthly empties post and why I think, if you are a fellow beauty blogger or just a beauty addict why you should do this. ( Check the post here). I thought this time I better share how you can go about doing it and how it can help you.

Setting the goal
I wanted to clean up without depriving myself. I am not technically an addict. If I see a nice product, I can walk past it and not regret buying. But who can miss the ‘high’? So, my initial plan was I think 4
products for 1 which was absurd. So, Now, I kind of stick to use up 2 products before you buy 1. Now, even that ‘buy one’ includes the necessaries like a shampoo or  face washes that whole of my family uses.

Difficulty: I had stashed so much; I didn’t see anything finishing up. In my first month, there were hardly a few products which were empty. I kept myself from buying anything. Every time I was tempted, I would take a peep into my cupboards and since it contained what had actually disgusted me (the pile of products), it put me off for some time.

Remedy: Stick around. If you use a product regularly, it becomes more effective and yes, consistent use also finishes it up soon.