Bourjois Smudge brush might be a BFF to me

In India, we always peek on brushes. Apart from lack of options, they are normally expensive as well. About a year ago, when I bought my Bourjois Kabuki brush, I spotted this smudge brush and I knew I would not be able to go home without it.

Let me warn you that it is going to be a rave review.

The brush is double ended. It has a flat smudge brush on one side and a PVC smudge sponge on the other.

The bristles are not nylon and and very dense and picks up a good amount of product.

How I use it:
  • My eyes are small, hence, as a smudge brush, I won't risk it. Plus, the brush head is big for that purpose.
  • I do not use the sponge side because, I normally do not smudge out my liners.

  • I had tried packing on colors near the lash line and boy! it does work well!

  • I best love it to pack on the colors on my lower lash line. Not only does it help me do the job in jiffy, I do not have to struggle and to open up my eyes.

  • I have also tried it to pack on colors in my crease before blending it out and it does a neat job.
  • I have washed it plenty of times and it never shed. Everything seems to be in place.

What I do not like:
Since it is double ended, I find it difficult to store.

For 180 INR ( I had bought it at 150INR back then), this is definitely a steal. I would always suggest having this in your brush collection. Even if you do not do smudged out looks, it would help you in more ways than you realize.