Easy and colorful day time eyemakeup look with my tmart.com palette

Colorful eyemakeup tutorial for the day time using Tmart.com eyeshadow palette
Did I mention that more than buying, I am more wearing my makeup? That includes very neutral eyes to work and bright eyemakeup elsewhere. I was thinking, since I have been slogging on blogging ( they rhymes again!! Nah. This is alliteration!), why not do something fun for change? Like an eyemakeup tutorial?
< I had reviewed the Tmart.com 88 Pearlescent Shadow Palette here in this post. I thought, why not come up with something using that one? I wore an eyemakeup look and yes, during the day time. So, kept things low toned, but fun. Here we go

At first, I primed my lids with my frenimy Inglot Eyeshadow base and also covered my undereye circles with Kryolan Derma Color Concealer. 

Next, I took a bit of yellow shadow from the palette. The yellow is intensely pigmented. One swipe was enough and i had a hard time blending because there was so much of color! I wanted just a wash instead. I kept blending and wiping my brush on a tissue to tone it down.

Next, I took an orange and with a coastal scents crease brush, I blended it out into my crease.

Then, I took some bright pink and I intensified my corners. it added that fun POP! to it!

Now comes the finishing part. I took some white shadow and with a fluffy crease brush, placed it underneath my brow bone and blended it out seamlessly with the color in the crease.

With a tiny detailer, I slightly highlighted my innrer corner. ( This is a trick i need to master.That's it. Finish it with a liner on top and bottom lashes and a full blast of mascara!

This is the finsihed look. I am planing to wear this in the day time during the Durga Puja. I would pair it with some nude lipcolors or may be pink. A blush would complete the look.

The products and tools used

So, what do you think of this?