Even after long thoughts, I can't decide whether I like the Vedic Line BB Cream or not

Vedicline + BB Cream photo, review and swatches might help you

Since my last post, I think I am going through a kind of confusion. I seem not to be able to make up my mind on products even after using them for a long time. By that, I mean a very long time. I have had the Vedicline BB Cream for the last one year. Even though I use it often, ( Not that often to finish it up), I can't decide whether to love it or to diss it.
Vedicline + BB Cream photo, review and swatches

Anyway, here goes my confused review.

My experience: This BB Cream claims to be water proof, sweat proof, oilfree and can be worn over moisturizer and underneath makeup.

I had tried it first under extreme heat and naturally it did not feel good.( It was the kind of weather where nothing feels good actually) .

Vedicline + BB Cream photo, review and swatches
As the weather cooled down comparatively, I tried it again and this time it made my face extremely sweaty. Beauty bloggers can be stubborn. :P So, I kept using . After three or four days, my face did not sweat anymore on application.
Vedicline + BB Cream photo, review and swatches

I found that it is indeed waterproof and won't easily come off. But a lathery face wash can get rid of it.

It does even out the skin to a certain extent, but won't hide blemishes.

Topping off with loose powder, it stays matte for a few hours, but even in winter, after say 4 hours your face would become oily and shiny and this is what I don't like about it. It contains SPF ( no indication on the tube about the strength though) and does not hydrate my skin. That is, it kind of stays on the surface and does not sink in.

I think I would use it up this winter.

So, Likes
  1. Light on the skin.
  2. Waterproof.
  3. Evens out the skin tone.
  4. Stays on for a long time.
  5. Contains SPF
  6. Because it doesn't provide much coverage, one shade might suit a large spectrum of skin tones.
  1. Makes the skin stickily oily after 3 or 4 hours.
  2. Does not hydrate.
  3. Does not provide coverage to blemishes
Costs about 20 INR for 30ml which is not a bad deal. I do not know if I should recommend this.

For myself, even though it's not my bestie, I find myself reaching out for it frequently now-a-days.

Tell me if it's a yay or a nay. I can't seem to decide.

Product by the brand. Obviously honest review.