How I am decluttering my cosmetics drawer: I threw away expired products and used up containers.

Each month, I have been religiously doing my empties post. This time I went a bit farther and decided to clean up my cosmetics drawers. I actually found there were bottles of almost unused products that had expired long time ago, expired lipglosses, etc. I went ruthless and threw away everything.
it also included products I have used up as well.

Lakme suncreens SPF 30: It's a good one for body.  For my oily skin, it's not the ideal one. But I would say, it's atill a good choice.

Lakme suncreen ( power I have forgotten): This one was mild and travel friendly.

Himalaya Neem Scrub: I initially liked it, until it started breaking me out. The granules are sharp edged and I would stay away from it. I used it up as a body scrub.

Himalaya Neem Facewash: By now, it has made into my regular empties post. I always need it. Have been using it for the last  or  years by now.

The Body Shop Cotton Seed Curl Booster: A good protection for hair. It does not make the hair limp or oily. BUT, my hair becomes greasy sooner than expected.

Tresemee Anti Hairfall shampoo:
Wait up for the review.

Sunsilk Dream Soft conditioner: An ideal product for fine hair like mine.

Auravedic sunscreen: Did not have the chance to try out. it expired.

Nature's Co Anti Blemish Cream: Wait for the review.

Lakme lipgloss tube: These used to be fun back in college. But I prefer my lip products colored. Hence, a no go for me now.

Oriflame Gloss Booster: A good one. Doesn't impart color, but makes the lips plump and juicy. I might look at it again.

NYX round gloss: I have actually used up the whole tube! Yes! I loved the color, texture and everyting about it!

Nivea Lip balm: I finished it up at last! Phew! Detested the whitish shimmers that made my lips look do ugly!

Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick:
I am officially not going to buy this anymore. The colors are lovely. This one was in Chestnut and happens to be the 3rd moisture exptreme lipstick which grew hairy fungus all over. Yikes!! It was almost unused and I swear, I would stay away from these forever.

So, this is what it is. Tell me what you decided to throw away.