Maybelline's Cheeky Glow Blushes are worth collecting in every color: Peachy Sweetie

Warning: Rave review
Are you a blush junkie? Do you love blushes that are pigmented, blendable, buildable and satiny in finish? If your answer is yes to everything, then this is a MUST have. I know I sound like an advert, but can't help it.

My thoughts on this line: Ever since Maybelline withdrew it's pocket friendly powder blushes, I have been really mad at the brand.  But my heart leaped up when it beheld these blushes!! See, blush made me even poetic!
When I first saw it, I thought these would be expensive. And the other thought that occured was this blush is so small! Don't be deceived by the size. When I turned it around, it's 7 grams! I think sleek blushes are 8 grams each. At 250 bucks, do the math.

My shade: The shade I have is Peachy Sweetie. It's a peach color meaning somewhere between pink and coral.
The shade is perfect for every day wear. You can safely wear it without people telling you ' OMG! You are wearing a blush!!" ( that happened to me once -- a colleague)

My experience: When I ran my finger over, I was actually breathless.The blush felt satiny and pretty pigmented. But unlike it's previous powder predecessor, it had almost no fall out.
I used my soft coastal scents powder brush to apply it and swirling it once picked up the right amount. Guess what? it's super blendable! I can even build up the color !
The case is compact and handy. The only downside is that, it does not have any applicator, but who need an applicator? I always use my blush brush anyways.
The product is not hard, neither is it powdery, it really feels satiny.

pros and cons

  1. Good amount for the price.
  2. Satiny texture.
  3. Very much blendable.
  4. Well pigmented and can be built up. I hear there are quite a few shades available. I am checking them out soon.
  5. Almost no fall out.

At 250 bucks, I think this is already a miracle!

Sorry. None.

Verdict: I really tried finding one flaw with it and could not find any. I would actually ask you to go out and get at least one shade of these!

As for myself, I am surely checking them out! Yes,even with my huge collection of blush, I would recommend this.

 I can't take my eyes off Fresh Coral. What about you?

Product by the brand. Honest review.