Olay Natural White was a surprise indeed!

Read my review of Olay Natural White
I know right at the beginning you might jump upon me asking why I am featuring a 'white' product. The answer is, I like whatever works on my skin. No, I am not looing ahead to make my brown skin 'white'.
Anyway, I am always a bit reluctant to try 'white' products. My mum had got about 3 or 4 sachets of the Olay Natural White when they were campaigning. Rather, it was a favor to the sales lady who comes to our house. Naturally this had sat aside for quite a long time until, oneday, I needed something more nourishing for my skin and I reached out for this. Voila!

Right on the first use, it felt so good on my skin!  It did not make my skin oily and yet moisturized it so well! It kin of made my skin feel so comfortable! This was the reason I kept continuing and eventually I
started using it night and day.

Does it mean it made my skin white? NO. it doesn't whiten your skin and in fact, it did not make any marked difference to removing tan or reducing the acne marks.

Then why do I like it?
It hydrates my skin from within.
It gets absorbed into my skin completely in a while.
Leaves my skin so soft!
Nourishes it well.
Having used it for about 3 weeks, I find my skin feeling comfortable and looks nourished and happy. I can't really explain what I mean by it, but if you have had similar feelings, you would know.
Has UV protection even though the index is not mentioned. (So, don't count on it). It's good in a way because I have been using it in the night as well and woke up not with oily skin, but with skin looking fresh.
155 INR for 40 grams doesn't burn a hole in the pocket.
Plus, the cream is available everywhere.

What I did not so like about it?

The 'WHITE" tag. Why can't we simply have a good face cream from Olay?
A bit more or specific sun protection could have been good. But then, in that case, I couldn't have used it in the night.

There is nothing else I do not like about the cream. Right now, my combinationoily skin is in a happy state and I would ascribe it to this skin may be.  Because, I haven;t been very regular about my packs and scrubs for sometime.

Bottom line: I think it's a great product for all skin types. ( Dry skinned beauties might need a bit of additional moisturizer though) and speaking for myself, I would keep buying this cream which I already did.

What about you?