What I have been doing to my skin in August and September

Check out my August and September skin favorites.
August and September has been pretty monotonous in terms of my skin care regime. Because I am living a very hectic schedule, I had been frequently missing on my face masks. But these are what I have been reaching out for the most this August and Sptember.

Biotique Bio Berberry Cleanser: I done almost a bottom's up. Although I am happy with this cleanser,
I am now bored. So, want to venture into something else. But a good product so far.

Lotus Herbals Phyto RX Herbo etc day lotion: It's a long name which makes me sleepy. But surely the lotions is amazing! I recently delved it out and have been using between Olay Natural White Cream. But, in the long run, you need some nourishment if you are more than 25. But it's always good to have this in your kitty as it would take care of heat burns and rashes.

Himalaya Herbals eyecream: It's really a good and effective product. Since I have been using Vedicline under eye day gel and night cream, I had neglected this baby for a while. But since it's about to expire, I thought better put it back on the shelf. See, I have cut it open. This is one of the best undereye creams ever.

Olay Natural White: I have just reviewed it here.

That's it my friends! 
What have you been using?