Why I loved shopping from Myntra.com

My online shopping excitement has comparatively died down because of a plethora of reasons. So, even though I heard so much about myntra.com, I did not care much. But when I was offered a coupon for shopping, how could I say no? At least, I did not have any reason to turn it down.

Welcome one of the best customer care services for shopping portals!

My experience: First I observed was that the options are not plenty. But still the range of products available is good given they have just started out stocking on cosmetics and perfumes.
Next, I felt browsing for shades is a bit difficult. Say, the kind of lipsticks are grouped together, but browsing the shades is really difficult. Again, even though the shades have been grouped into one section, the product has been shown that many number of times which is equal to the number of shades in stock. This is really confusing.

I did not happen to use the gift card first and accidentally placed the order. I immediately called up the customer service and the person was really very very helpful. Things sorted out then.

There are two best parts about my order.
1 It reached me right in 2 days.
2 My lipsticks were not only carefully packed, they are packed individually in plastic containers tightly to avoid breakage. Now, that is impressive. it also shows how meticulous they are.

I loved shopping from them overall, but I feel they could
Improve upon
  1. The web layout and could make the browsing easier.
  2. Kept a wider selection of products.
  3. Given discounts. Even my regular grocery store which stocks on Lakme gives me a good discount. In that case, why shouldn't I expect something like that from Myntra?
I would ask every one to check out the store for once at least.

I had been provided with a shopping voucher by the site. But as evident, my review has been honest.