Behold and be shocked: Sigmax dupes at a fraction!!!

Today I am excited. In fact, I am more than excited!! You know, I have a thing for face brushes because I have a thing for base... rather a perfect base. I have so lusted for the Sigmax but trust me, I am not desperate enough to shell out such a huge amount and I am no makeup artist either. Just a beauty crazed person.

I ordered some brushes from through a friend ( I don't have a paypal) and thanks to her, I got everything in perfect shape. And because the festive season is around, the guy gifted it to me. Yippie!!

They had looked like dupes of Sigma and honestly, for about $11, I did not expect much. Guess what? The brushes are 98% similar! I have two F80s and except for the F80 dupe everything is just the same!!

I haven't given these babies a bath. I hope they do not shed. I would be heart broken if they do.

They do feel very soft and dense. Wait up until I use and review them!

Are you excited about these as I am?