I have at last found my HG concealer!

Bourjois Healthymix conealer and Bourjois Biodetox concealer
The panda as I am, I am always on the look out for a perfect match of undereye

concealer. I always look for a concealer that would

  • match my skintone perfectly
  • won't crease
  • wont fade
In a word it would be like a makeup version of Adobe Photoshop :D

I have had the Bourjois Biodetox concealer which is slight darker even for my face. It

has slight tones of orange to it which gives it the potential to become a good concealer.
At the same time, Bourjois Healthymix concealer is really good. It's thin, provides

good coverage and the one i have is slightly lighter than my skintone which is good to

brighten up the undereye area.
But like anybody else's my skin tone changes throughout the year. So, none of these two

turned out to be perfect.
 One day, while going out, I dabbed on the Biodetox underneath my eyes and it was an

epiphanic moment that I realized, I could mix the two!!

The Biodetox is lightly thicker and sets into a kind of thich finsih while the

Heathymix is thinner. While the Biodetox one is orangish; the first is pure beige and mixed

together, the texture becomes amazing and the shade is custom fit for my undereye area.

The slightly thin consistency of the HM takes away the density of Biodetox and since

both of them set into long lasting finish, problem solved!

I would just blend it out with the flat soft concealer brush from the VOV kit I had got

and Voila!!

I'm good to go. So, good bye!