Kryolan Derma Color is another frenimy in my stash!

Kryolan Derma Color D64 photo, review and swatches
Kryolan Derma Color D64

I had wanted a Kryolan Derma color for such a long time. In fact, I can;t remember since when I had wanted it. I had located these at a store in New Market. What sucks.

1 there were no testers
2 the shades were matched by the shopkeepers who, I think have the least knowledge.

Anyway, I got the shade D 64 ( I am NC 41 by MAC) and here goes my review.
Kryolan Derma Color D64

Let me start off by saying, I have a complete lovehate relationship with this product.
My experience: The product is not at all creamy and is heavily pigmented. Plus, the pot package make it difficult to scoop out. Never the less, I run my fingers on it and whatever that picks up is enough for both my eyes.
During winters, the product hardens completely and summers make it just a bit better.

Kryolan Derma Color D64
Staying power: The Kryolan Derma Color is water proof. But it would crease unless set with loose power and then, it sets so well that everything would wear off except for it. Which is again a problem because you do not need patches of perfect skin on your barren imperfect face. You know what I mean.

I mostly use it underneath the eyes and it works great. I have tried using it all over my face, but the result was not exquisite.
My ideal shade is D4 which I did not know. But I got D64 which is very close as well. There's hardly a difference. D4 has peachy undertones which makes it more apt for the under eyes. D64 had more of yellow tones. So, although the day times and under normal light, it looks perfect, under strong light, it kind of stays put and makes the undereyes bright and more noticeable. I think, I have to work on the application techniques. I normally put it only under the eyes. Guess, I should be bringing it down a bit.
Kryolan Derma Color D64

Coverage: It provides heavy coverage and the hard texture might both be a pro and con at the same time. See how it covers my veins! I have not blended it yet.

At 350 INR , I think it's a good product.
Anyway, this is it
Do I recommend? if you love wearing make up and don't mind extra time in blending etc and if you have considerable mastery, go for this.
If you are new skip this.

As for myself, I would definitely repurchase. In fact, i am thinking of getting the D4 sometime soon.

Have you used this? Did you find it impressive?