Maybelline Colorshow might be a showstopper now

Maybelline Colorshow nail paints in Tenacious teal ( 301) and Shocking Sea (303)
You know, I have a lemming. I do not adore doing manis. And not being a mani girl, I dont want huge bottle of nailpolishes. But I do keep an eye on good quality pains that would do the job in a jiffy. In fact, I so prefer smaller bottles , my nail polish stash mostly consists of tiny  5ml ones.

When Maybelline Colorshow Nailpolishes were launched abroad, I so wished for these. Then, I stopped wishing because I am so full of wishful thinking.

Coming to the polishes, THOU MUST PURCHASE A BOTTLE if not all.

What sent me gaga

  1. The wide selection of shades!!! When I had walked into the store, I was amazed! A particular moss green and lime yellow have caught my fancy. i am checking back soon. ( Very soon). There are about 40 colors. You can check the link here.
  2. The paint is thin in consistency. One coat will never do.( which is why I was not able to do nail arts. I am not an expert either. But I am going to give it another shot). The second coat gives the shiny and opaque finish which I love.
  3. the brush is good.
  4. Just because it's a 5 ml bottle, doesn't mean , it's too small. It feels good in the hand and the brush is really good.
  5. Two coats, dry up pretty fast. I won't have to wait for more than  minutes to put on both the coats and get them dry. The result is a beautiful finish.
  6. It doesn't wear off at the tips at least not in 4 days. Which I feel for a low priced drugstore product, is amazing!
  7. For 75 INR, I really cannot ask for more.

What did not cut a mark?

Nothing!! Absolutely nothing!!

I am in love with these nail paints and I would suggest you to run to the store asap!


PS: Excuse my cuticles.  They haven't been behaving nicely.

Product by the brand. Honest review