My gifts from Avon

Gifts are always exciting no matter who they come from. Look what arrived in mail today!!

Check this out!

Yes! Ir's from Avon. Let me give you a peek into the contents of the bag now

I have received an Avon Clinical serum meant to address issues of fine lines, etc and a very beautiful bracelet which I shall show you in a separate post.

Since the serum contains retinol and my father uses a retinol cream, I am going to ask my dermatologist if he can use it and I am definitely wearing the bracelet this Diwali.

I am so elated! Looks like morning was indeed special!

Post contains PR samples.


  1. Lovely dear.. Me too love gifts no matter who give them to me!! :D :D
    The bracelet look nice.. want a piccyy!! :D
    U not using any retinol cream?? why??

    1. Good to see someone sharing same feelings. :P Yes, I would come up with piccys really soon. Just hold on a bit.

      I lke trying out different products, but there are certain things I won't use without consulting a doctor. Retinols are mostly used in prescription medicines to address various skin issues. But they make your skin highly sensitive to the sun . The cream addresses some problems which doesn't exist in my case. So, there is no point of review. I do not want to use it without prescription.

  2. I got the same bracelet and the line corrector which I am using these days!

  3. WOW! Really nice :) Feels so nice when you get a gift na ?


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