The collective haul that might make you gasp... because these days I have been keeping low

Yes! Time for haul... but as you know, I am off hauling. Is it a kind of riddle? No. I needed/ wanted stuff and I bought them in some time. You have already seen my brush collection. But it's time to see other additions a swell. I put everything together and here is what it is.

Judging by the number of Vedicline products, you may even call this a major Vedicline haul as well. I love the products from the brand.

Well, there has been a couple of more additions. Guess what? My second bottle of Bourjois healthymix foundation and another Bourjois liner. :D

The list I've got.
  1. Bourjois Healthymix Foundation ( not in the pic)
  2. Bourjois Healthymix metallise
  3. Vedicline Lychee shake cleanser ( it's a 500 ml bottle!)
  4. Vedicline Onglow Day Cream
  5. Vedicline Ontaut face pack
  6. Vedicline Charcoal gel pack
  7. Vedicline Charcaol collagen mask
  8. Pond's BB Cream ( Je l'aime!)
  9. Ele18 foundation ( Tad lighter than my skintone :( )
  10. Vatika Face pack ( another wonder product!)
  11. brushes. ( already shown here)

That's it ladies. What catches your fancy first?