Lakme Clean Up Face mask: If you love face masks take a look at Lakme Clean Up

I have featured this face pack so many times on this space and it's presence felt so obvious that I completely forgot that I had not reviewed it. Anyway, better late than never.

At first I was drawn to it because

  • It was a face mask. ( yes, I am a sucker)
  • It looked cute.
  • It was a new launch from Lakme.

In order to try it out, I bought a small tube at first.

My experience: I was expecting it to be a colored product. But not, unlike that, came out a slightly pinkish(?) white very smooth paste. I was half expecting the paste to be a mud pack since I have oily skin. But it was not. I felt it contains calamine but on checking I found it contains kaolin ( good for oily skin).
I tried it on and was expecting it to dry out the oily skin. But no. it did not dry out my skin, but it did remove the oil and made my skin feel very soft and smooth. This summer, because I have been keeping my hair very clean ( Yes, your hair can cause acne. Read here.) and using tons of face packs, i did not have a major break out. Since I have been using this one frquesntly as well, I would attribute it as one of my skin best friends too.

Boiling down:

What I like:
  1. It contains Kaolin which is good for my skin.
  2. Removes oil and impurities without making the skin dry.
  3. Leaves the skin really clean and soft.
  4. You need a little to spread all over your face.

What I did not like?
Can't really think of any.

Overall: I am really happy with this mask. It does not do anything phenomenal, but it is one of those masks which you can use very frequently and even then, woulld not dry out your skin and would keep your skin in good health.

I think this pack would suit all skin types.

Repurchase this? Once I run out of my present three tubes, yes of course!!

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