Deborah BB Cream in Sand : A good one in my stash

I have had this Debora Milano BB Cream in my stash since...ummm...about nine months? or may be less. I don't remember. But what I remember is liking the cream. I am kind of getting fond of BB Creams. I know, the BB Creams available in India are not BB Creams per se. But whatever is catered out, I won't say I am disappointed about. Because I do not understand the difference between BB creams and foundations with SPF. So, whatever works for me is good for me!

I had bought this BB Cream on a whim. Alright, I am a sucker for base products. But the bottom line is I
bought it.
My shade is Sand which is I think 3rd in the spectrum.

My experience: The cream is neutral beige color and even though lacks the warmth for my skintone, it fares well on me. There is a scary list of ingredients including talc which made me very apprehensive. But I was also impressed by the fact that they did mention the full list of ingredients.On application, for a minute, it does leave a slight whitish cast which is not exactly that apparent because the shade matches me well, but it goes away by the time I set it with powder.

It looks so natural on me and yes, it does hide my imperfections to a certain extent. it evens out my skintone, makes me look fresh and neutralizes my under eye circles. I haven't stayed or strayed out in the sun much with this cream on and mind, this is not a sunscreen. So, I won't recommend using this instead of a sunscreen. But, surely, since I am not going out much in the sun, the SPF is good enough for me. At least, I feel secure knowing it has some amount of sun protection.

I have oily skin and it suits me well, But in winter, when my skin becomes a parched paper, I HAVE to use a moisturizer underneath.

So the Pros and the Cons.
  1. It suits my skin tone well.
  2. Evens out my complexiona and neutralizes my under eye circles.
  3. Covers redness on acne scars or around the nose.
  4. Contains some SPF.
  5. Does not make my skin oily ( My skin becomes oily on it's own and it did not accelerate that).
  6. Feels very light on the skin.
  7. Available in quite a few shades to cater to a wide range of skintones.
  8. Does not transfer everywhere. ( Yes, you can snuggle :P )
  9. I have used it for sometime and continuously for about 10 to 15 days, but it has not broken me out.

  • This, if you read the Italian on the label, is a 'foundation with SPF'. In fact the English subheading also says 'Skin Perfecting Foundation'. So, what was the point of calling it a BB Cream?  It contains talc and if you are allergic to it, you should stay away.
  • Does not provide a complete sun protection as in there is no PA+++ index mentioned.
  • I had bought this for 450 INR and as pointed out by a friend over here, they have hiked the price to 650 INR!!

Overall: Even though I do like this cream, I would not repurchase this again. I would rather stick to the cheaper options.
By now, I think have reviewed quite a few BB Creams which you can check here if you want to.

PS: I heard that somebody allergic to talc broke out badly after a few days. So,even though I did not have such issue, take this as a warning.