Labello/Nivea lipbalm in Angel Star might not be the angel you are looking for

Labello/Nivea lipbalm in Angel Star I think I am the last person to review this lipbalm and by now perhaps every one knows about it. Anyway, lip product addict as I am, I think it's not bad to review another lipbalm on this space.
I had got this lipbalm long before this particular variant was available. In fact, mine is Labello and not Nivea because a friend of mine got this from Oman.

On twisting up, the balm looked beautiful like sugary pink frost. But my joy quickly ebbed away as I
wore it on my lips. On my lips, it was nothing beyond a chunk of unwanted shimmer.
As a balm it fared well, but I detested the shimmers.

I could make it work by filling in my lips with a lipliner and then putting this on at the centre for a 3 dimensional look.

Since it was shimmery, I could give my lips a good scrub with these and that helped. Left over night, it would help me get rid of dry lip flakes. That way it was good.

I am not getting into likes and dislikes. But my common sense tells me to stay away from this balm.