Maybelline Express Finish in Red Seduction failed to seduce me.

I have seen the pretty colors at Maybelline counters. Honestly, the shades did not draw me in. As for the 40 seconds, any new nail polish normally dries within a minute. So, I did not want to shell out

extra bucks. Plus, I personally feel, the lesser priced ranges of Maybelline have a greater selection of colors.

Actually my sis bought this shade and seeing it was a good fall-winter color, I quickly put it on. My nails were not behaving well and my hands did not behave well either. Hence the messy application.

What I liked and then hated:
I loved the shade and the creamy texture. But guess what? All that glitters is not gold.
True the nailpolish dried quickly, but about half an hour later, it started chipping.Seriously?!! I  mean, these are priced almost double of the Colorama and the Colorshow ones. So, I had expected something better from them!

Verdict: I am not buying this again. Even if it fries quickly, the staying power is a no go. I better colloect a few of the Colorshows.
oh wait! I am on a mission to use up my unused nail polishes!

I would not recommend this polish to anybody either.