My shoes for Pujo, Pre- Pujo and post- Pujo and some random shoes

I get obsessed with certain things. I had this shoe obsession before it grew into makeup obsession. Now that I am saturated with makeup stuff, I think I am slowly rolling back to shoes again. I think I have some 9 or 10 pair of shoes. I know it's not a big number. But the point is, I am also constantly getting rid of them because our apartment is small and storing an arsenal is a big problem.
Anyway, during Pujo, I bought a pair of spiked sandals for everyday use.

Here it goes: It's a red sandal from Bata (priced at around 1100 INR) with back straps and the spikes
add an extra edge. I can wear it with my Indian outfits as well as western ones.

Sometime before Pujo, I went to New Market and came across this shoe store. They are actually whole sellers ( as they claim) and they also retail shoes. Fancy and comfortable is how I describe them.

At first I was dubious. Still I decided to go ahead. At that point there was a lack of shoes of my foot size. I bought this pair of pumps with kitten heels. Check out the bow!
Would you believe I bought this for 400 bucks?!!

I am not the biggest fan of 'cute ' stuff, but being a big fan of comfortable pumps, after Pujo, I walked in again.
This time I got pretty high heeled ones ( though not the highest of the lot). I was so amazed at how comfortable it was!

Like regular pumps, I had to break the shoe with twi or three wears, but there was not a single blister and it feels great to be back on heels!! These were also priced at some 450 bucks!!

Some more random shoes in my collection

I have not yet shot the best one I like!!! Wait up for that!!

That's it friends. Do you prefer heels or flats?