What my skin has been loving in October:Skin care update in the month of October

Skin care update in the month of October
I think I ought to blog more. I want to. But in my hectic schedule, I so eternally feel lazy to shoot and edit. Anyway, every time I blog, I decide to write more and that eventually does not happen.
Enough of ramblings! get to business Niv! Fine. It's time to show you my skin favourites of October.

Let me tell you, my skin favorites keep changing depending on the skin and how my skin is behaving. Right now, my skin feels dry-ish. It feels stretched and is always feeling like drinking up whatever
moisturizer I put in. It does not mean, it's free from acne. So, acne care is something I always need.

Here is the list of products I have been using:

  1. Kiya Bath ad Body Neem and Tea Tree oil soap: I have been washing my face with it to get rid of makeup and grime. I am using The Body Shop Tea Tree facewash in the morning and at night. Between that, when I need to get the gunk out, I am using this soap. It's working great so far.( Review Soon)
  2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facewash: I am going to review it soon too. It does not do a great job at cleansing. But if you need something less foaming in the morning and before bedtime, use this. Won't take off dirt and grime, but keeps the skin fresh and soothed.
  3. Kiya Bath and Body Works Geranium oil cream for oily skin: It's a custom made product and every time I use it, I feel like singing. ( review Soon)Vedicline Papaya Scrub: wait! I know the tub is that of papaya gel. Both the containers look just the same and I shot this one instead of the right product. So, let's pretend te fiasco did not happen and this is the scrub. I lightly scrub my face for a minute and then leave the product on since it is scrub granules suspended in the pack, I let it dry and then wash it off.
  4. Aroma Magic Mint cleanser: I am in LOVE with it!! I do not use it regularly, but use it almost every alternate day as a part of skin routine. ( Shall tell you about it later).
  5. The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and Hellen Harper Cotton pads: My absolute essentials for eyemakeup cleaning. I 'have to' use it to take of the last traces of makeup.
  6. Vedicline Undereye cream: One product I am using for a long time and eventually seeing real improvements with my undereye area!
  7. Lakme Clean Up face pack: I would review it soon. but the fact that I have been using it for the last three months should be certificate enough.

This is my present skincare favorites. I do not mean that I use nothing else. But these are pretty much what I use regularly. What are your favorite skincare products this month?

PS: The links to the product reviews are there. Just click on the links and it would take you to the page.