MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder might be worth the hype

I am not back from Mumbai. But before I start flooding this place with posts about my stay and flaunting my haul, you might want to take a breath. As I said, the  edited product images are there in my computer ( and some drafts of posts as well). But I found some photos in my camera, Anyway, I better not ramble again.
The MUA cosmetics Undress your Skin Highlighter had been a part of my MUA haul you had seen before here. I had been using it ever since.
MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder
To begin with, you might be shocked but I like shimmer or satin finish blushes and highlighters on my cheeks. I love the glow it imparts. I know this love is unnatural for an oily skinned person like me. Nevetheless, I love
My experience: My first reaction was that it looked so much like MAC Extradimension collection. Yes, it has similar kind if wave and etc. In short, the graphic looks very close. I cannot comment on the similarity of the product because I do not own MAC.
It looks kind of rose gold in the pan. On swatching it on the hand, it looked whitish. But on my yellow skin tone, it shows up quite pink.
MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

At first, it felt gritty. But eventually, I noticed, it's not gritty, but it doesn't spread very smoothly but nothing as bad that it cannot be helped with some good blending. I use my softest face brush as apart from using it as a highlight, sometimes, I just swipe a little on my blushers to add some glow to it.
I try not to go overboard because I do not want my skin to look too shiny, nor do I want pink highlighter on my yellow skintones.
MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder

  • Affordable. I think I had bought it on sale and it costed me about 200INR + 50 ( approx) for shipping.
  • The package is nothing fancy, but looks good.
  • The transparent lid makes it easy to locate.
  • It is not dome-shaped, but it is rather flat and wide which makes it easy to swirl the brush around and pick up the right amount.
  • Not too hard. It's baked and baked products tend to harden up with time. It did not harden up.
  • I love the glow it adds to my skin.

  • Not gritty and the shimmers are not large. They impart a glow without making you look like a shiny disco ball ( unless you zealously keep applying more and more).


I Wish: I wish this was available in a warm color. This one strives to be 'one-color-caters-to-all', bu that cannot really happen. I so wish there were a warm toned highlighter as well.

Do I recommend? If you want to try a good highlighter at affordable price without having ambitious expectations, I would recommend this.

Shall I repurchase? Only if I manage to finish in this lifetime, I would like to try the MAC one to find out how different they are. We beauty addicts tend to get easily bored of our stash. So, no, I don't think so.

What about you? To buy or not to buy? Is that a question?