Beauty Mantras that left me wondering"'SERIOUSLY?!!!"

Well, as beauty addicts, we need to have some tricks up our sleeve. I am not claiming to be a makeup artist and believe me, any makeup artist would always do way better than me. ( well, not the untrained ones I mean. :P )

Anyway, here are some tricks and ideas that I learned on the internet and fellow bloggers and makeup artists ( I don't really mean to be disrespectful) which never worked for me.

"since you are young you are blessed with good skin" : Really? I still remember being a teenager when the hormones started playing their tricks and being oily skinned genetically, I was always fighting pimples and acne which has still left scars. Trust me, when it comes to skin, it was no fun being a teenager. I would have rather spent my money on concealers and foundations back then.

Use foundation only where needed: Seriously? I have tried that to cover the pigmentation around the eyes. The result, that part looks flawless and the rest dull. Consequently, it looks horrible in photographs and even in normal light.
Bottom-line: Have you heard of something called 'patchy foundation'?
If you foundation fades unevenly, it would look patchy and bad. Would you want to do that manually all by yourself? Yes, the result becomes the same.

Brown mascara:
I do not want to sound weird. I am NC41 which is a dark skin tone. I love my mascara dark so that my lashes look healthy and full. Brown mascara just spells "abrabcadabra" and my lashes just vanish!!

Brown liner: I understand when lighter skin-toned ladies say that black looks harsh on them. But, I feel for any skin-tone greater than NC35, brown liner is not an option unless you want to look sick. But it's still alright if you are wearing an intense and deep brown.

These are what I could think of at the moment. But there are more. So, if you are curious, stay tuned.
Do you agree on any of these? Feel free to add to the list!!!