Freeman Shea and Olive Body Butter: Is it that buttery?

A long time ago, when medplusbeauty used to have a transparent and good shipping policy, I bought a couple of Freeman products for myself. I had bought a Pineapple facial pack and this body butter. The name Shea and Olive Body 'Butter' drew me in.

My expreience: But, when I took the first whiff, it smelt good, but not the kind that I expected it to. If it's a butter, I would expect a buttery texture which would be intensely moisturizing. Instead, it came out as a pearly
lotion and applied beautifully in the skin, got absorbed in no time and DID NOT MOISURIZE enough!!
Crest fallen, I put it away for summer when it acted as a good light moisturizer. Now that the weather has become dry again, it is proving how useless it  is and I have almost finished it up.

So, there goes my good and bad experience with Freeman Shea and Olive Body Butter.

I am not going to repurchase it, nor am I going to recommend.

Anyway, I got to use a lot of body lotions in summer.

Have you used this lotion? What was your experience like?