Colorbar I Define Pencil in Mid Night Back has been my BF in 2013

I think it's high time that I review the Colorbar I Define pencil in Mid Night Black because soon, there would be nothing left behind to shoot and you know, I haven't really mastered the art of shooting non existent products. LOL.

Anyway, I had let this product sit on my shelf for at least about a year! Yes, I was using the Colorbar I Glide pencil. I would say I am lucky because this one did not dry out.

My experience: This one is not as smooth as I Glide, they really do glide on. But this does not really tug on your delicate skin as well. Mind, I am passing my judgement on a product that had initially sat quietly for about a year!

I have been using this one on everyday basis ( the stub says it all) and i use it on my waterline as well. On extreme summer days, if I wear it on my upper lids, it does smudge, but I have hooded eyes as you might have known.
On my lower lashline or water line it stays put all day. Since my lids are oily, it does smudge in about 12 or 13 hours. Then, almost everything smudges on me after about 12 hours or so. You can't really help it.

Sometimes, I put a wash of color on my lids and line them with this Colorbar I Define Pencil and it saves my time and saves my day!

These used to be sold for about 250.
Easily available. You should get this at every Colorbar counter.
Doesn't smudge easily.
Good color pay off.
Easy to sharpen. ( I use my Lakme Dual Sharpener. Nothing fancy)

Not as intense as I Glide.
It's exuberantly priced now ( 350 INR!!!)

Overall I like this pencil, but in all probability might not repurchase. Come on! I am a beauty blogger and I should have an excuse to try more products in the market!