My Mumbai Trip Part II : To Mahabaleshwar and back!

I am too excited about my Mumbai trip this year.( I had already done a Part I over here) I had been over there last year as well, but this time, I stayed for a longer time and so we had more time to go around places.
Anyway, I always love the hills. No, I am not the biggest fan of sea the chief reason being that I cannot swim! :P I have traveled extensively with my family but for the last couple of years that had not been happening. So, the man decided to take me to Mahabaleshwar. I had been to Mahableshwar before and this time, it was even better experience. Of course because it was with him.

    We took a bus from Mumbai and in about 8 hours reached Mahabaleshwar. We walked down to our resort which was about .8km from the main market. The weather was plesant and we were not
carrying much luggage. So, we walked down. We came back to the market and I lvoed the place. The shops, the stalls selling strawberries, the ice cream parlours and the shops selling the druit products in colorful bottles made the place so lively! The place in itself had such a feel good factor about it!
       We walked round and round and came back in the evening. I think we went out again for dinner and took a cab back. This time, the way back was completely deserted and dark.
Oh! I bought half a kilo of strawberries and gobbled up almost the half of it.( Gave him only two or three)
        On the next day, we went to Pratapgarh, one of Shivaji's forts. Last time we did not go over there.   So, I was pretty excited about it.

 The way to the fort is so steep!! And like any fort, it extends over a considerable space. We saw the fresh water lake and all. The view from the fort was amazing!I think because it was day before Chrismas, there was a considerable crowd. Children from several schools were on excursion and were all hailing Shivaji. I was quite moved by their zeal.The sun was quite strong and even with the thin knit sweater top, I was feeling quite hot.
    Once we came back, we were tired. Rather, I was pretty tired.

     Next Day, we were supposed to take the bus back to Mumbai, I was pretty excited about Christmas in Mumbai. But, something happened which somehow feels very funny to me!

It was written in our print we were supposed to take the bus back from Mahabaleshwar at 10:30 in the morning. We checked out byt 8:30 from our lodge and walked and waited at the CCD which is right in the stop. Before that, we went over to the travel agency and because we could not find the landmark, asked from where the bus would leave. They showed us the same place and we were waiting at CCD.
At 10:30, there was not a single bus in view. So, we asked again and time they told us the bus had left at 9:30!!! WTF!!!
       We pressed the same man to whom we had talked in the morning and this time he said, the landmark and the time mentioned are from Wai which is about an hour's journey from there and not from Mahabaleshwar even though it mentions Mahabaleshwar! Anyway, we felt there is no point getting into discord. We had to pay extra and the next bus was supposed to leave at around 2 in the afternoon!!

What to do in the next 4 or 5 hours? We simply went local site seeing!! We rented a car and went off to visit the various places like 3 monkey point, Kate's Point, Needle Point, etc.

That day we came back to Mumbai dog tired! But even then, I would say it was one of the best trips I made!I bought so much of strawberries that for the next two days my lunch consisted of only the berries and yogurt!

Doesn't this look delicious?

I do not want to bore you with long posts like this. But stay tuned to know more about my stay and my impressions of Mumbai as a